5 Simple Solutions to Fix Twitter / X Not Working on iPhone


The digital era has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, particularly in how we manage our personal devices. As users continually transition between platforms, the necessity for seamless data transfer has become paramount. Whether moving from Android to iPhone or vice versa, the demand for effective solutions to transfer photos, music, contacts, and more is on the rise. This multi-layered ecosystem not only requires efficient tools but also a robust support structure to address the myriad of concerns that users might encounter with their gadgets. To cater to these needs, communities like the Apple Support Community have become invaluable resources, offering a platform where customers can seek help and share their knowledge. Meanwhile, keeping abreast of the latest tips, tricks, and trends in technology is essential for enthusiasts and professionals alike; subscribing to knowledgeable newsletters remains a popular method to sate this intellectual appetite.

Basic Troubleshooting

Reopen the Twitter / X app

Experiencing issues with Twitter / X on your iPhone or iPad can often be resolved with a simple restart of the application. For this to be effective, the app needs to be completely closed and then reopened. For iPhones with Face ID, users should swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle, revealing all open apps. On the other hand, iPhones with a Home button require the user to double-tap the button. Locate the Twitter / X app window, then swipe up to quit it entirely. Afterward, relaunch Twitter / X to check if the problem persists.

Restart the iPhone

If simply reopening Twitter / X does not fix the issue, a system-wide glitch might be the culprit, and rebooting the device could offer a solution. The process varies slightly depending on your iPhone model and the version of iOS it's running. Generally, you can force restart your iPhone by sequentially pressing and releasing the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down button, and finally pressing and holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears, signaling a reboot. For older models or different iOS versions, check the specific instructions for your device.

Check network connection

Twitter / X relies on a stable internet connection for full functionality. A weak or unstable connection may result in the feed not loading properly or at all. To diagnose this, conduct a speed test using any reputable website designed for this purpose. If the results indicate a problem, you may need to reset your network connection. Toggle Airplane mode on and off to re-establish network connections and potentially resolve any connectivity issues. Try accessing Twitter / X once the device reconnects to the internet.

Enable Mobile Data for Twitter / X

For times when you're not connected to Wi-Fi, ensuring that Twitter / X has the necessary permissions to use mobile data is crucial. Navigate to the Settings app, find 'Mobile Service' or 'Cellular,' and then look for the option that allows Twitter / X to use mobile data. Turning this on may solve issues related to accessing Twitter / X over a cellular connection.

Reset network settings

If the problem continues, it's advisable to reset all network settings on your iPhone. This action clears any configurations that might be preventing the Twitter / X app from accessing the internet correctly. To perform a network settings reset, go to Settings, tap on 'General,' scroll down and choose the 'Transfer or Reset iPhone' option. Opt for 'Reset Network Settings,' enter your passcode, and confirm the reset. Bear in mind, this will erase all saved Wi-Fi networks, passwords, and VPN settings, so ensure you have this information backed up if necessary.

More Specific Solutions

Check Twitter / X Servers Status

Before delving deeper into troubleshooting, it's important to ascertain whether the issue with Twitter / X is on your end or due to problems with the service itself. Check if Twitter's servers are experiencing downtime, which can cause the app not to function as expected. This information can typically be found on Twitter's official status page or by utilizing third-party services like Down Detector, which track and report on website outages. If Twitter’s servers are indeed down, the only solution is to wait until their service is fully restored.

Disable Data Saver

Data Saver modes are designed to minimize your data usage, but this can restrict app function. In Twitter's settings, disabling Data Saver might solve loading issues with content such as images and videos. To deactivate this feature, go into the Twitter / X app settings under 'Accessibility, display, and languages,' then 'Data usage,' and switch off 'Data Saver.' This should allow Twitter / X to operate without limitations imposed by data saving preferences.

Turn off VPN

Although VPNs are essential for data security and privacy, they can sometimes interfere with the functionality of apps like Twitter / X. Disabling the VPN service may quickly resolve connection issues. To disable a VPN on an iPhone, go into the Settings app and toggle the VPN switch to the off position. If you're using a VPN provider’s app, disable the VPN connection within the app itself.

Update or Reinstall Twitter / X

Apps benefit substantially from updates that not only introduce new features but also contain bug fixes that can resolve existing issues. If an update for Twitter / X is available in the App Store, apply it. If no update is available or if updating doesn't solve the problem, consider reinstalling Twitter / X by deleting the app from your device and then downloading it again. This process can resolve any corrupt data or permissions that might be causing the app to malfunction.

Update Your iPhone Operating System

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, there's a chance the problem may stem from the operating system itself. A software update for your iPhone can solve underlying issues affecting not just Twitter / X but the overall operation of your device. To check for and install an iOS update, navigate to 'General' in the Settings app and tap on 'Software Update.' Download and install any available updates to ensure your iPhone's software is current, which could possibly rectify the issue with Twitter / X.

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