Bill Martinez: Did You Get “the Talk” From Your Father?

By Bill Martinez:

I have to admit some surprise when Fox News’ Chris Wallace admitted to Dr. Ben Carson that his father, Mike Wallace didn’t give him “the talk” when he was growing up.  Secretary Carson explained how he and Candy his wife had given “the Talk” to their kids.

This “talk” I’m referring to has to do with any future or possible interaction with the police and authority.  I am grateful to a father who was prudent to raise us to respect him, our family, and all authority.  I clearly recall him, as he was cutting my hair one day when he could command my full attention how he calmly and directly laid out the rules of engagement.  

My father was a civil service electronic engineer and raised nine kids, so some of his learned skills during WWII beyond being an Army medic included cutting GI’s hair in his company.  Did I say nine kids?  You get it.  Lots of hair, cuts, and bruises that needed attending.  But I digress, forgive me.  Back to the talk.

Our father was a very calm and humble man who could cut to the chase and simply explain the benefits of family values and respecting authority, especially the police.  Admittedly, I did experience some teachable moments with the police and I know my father’s admonitions did not go without benefit.  I look back and see, how easily my life could have been so different, but for the right choice and respect extended.

I’m sure for those of you who’s father or mother gave them “The Talk,” you have your memories and stories to remember.  And hopefully, you are as grateful for this shared wisdom and experience that has become a right of passage so to speak.  Or should it be?

Statistics tell us that a major problem today in America is fatherlessness.  Too many kids are being raised without the benefit of a father.  I feel so lucky to have never experienced that sort of life.  But the reality sadly is that too many of our kids have and are.

So many “talks” missed and unheard.  It wounds us all.  I feel for you who did not have a father who was there for you to share needed advice, a needed spanking or a needed hug. This week on our show, the discussion of “The Talk” was addressed several times, including Friday’s discussion with Professor and author Wilfred Reilly.  

In discussing “The Talk” I had mentioned a video my brother-in-law had sent me from Chris Rock.  I will warn you, it’s irreverent, but it’s hilarious.  Mostly because it’s honest. If you missed out on “the Talk” from a father or parent, maybe you should check it out and learn so we don’t have to see another fellow human being hurt or killed so unnecessarily.  

You can see it for yourself on youtube.com; Remember, it comes with a language warning.

As Rock says, “It’s common sense.”  But if you decide that you want to get your a.. kicked, even with all the police scrutiny these days, I’m sure your stupid self still may find a way.  Happy Father’s Day!

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Bill Martinez

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