Bill Martinez: The Second American Revolution Is Here NOW!

By Bill Martinez:

Are you ready for a good ol’ revolution? For those of you who have been predicting or wanting a second American Revolution, guess what, it’s already here. Like everything else in our country, sometimes reality takes time to filter on down.

The first shot that was fired over the liberal and Deep State boats was Donald J Trump descending on the golden escalator at Trump Tower. Further volleys ensued during the 2015 Presidential campaign. Meanwhile, it seemed the campaign thought it was only political. Fact is, it never was political, it’s always been personal to the Deep State leftists Marxists.

The policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton were guaranteed and the fundamental transformation of our country was secured. The elites had confounded the electorate so much and the Intelligence Community’s insurance plan would all be part of this diabolical firewall. However, as the arrogant often do, they underestimate and overcalculate.

They never expected that We The People would smell out their devious plan to undermine our election of a duly elected President. How can this happen in 21st Century America? Like in any other countries historically, all it take is believing the lie and trusting without verifying.

The radical leftist Marxists that includes the Mainstream Media has had us shadow boxing over this Russia BS, when it was them, not Putin pulling the levers like an unhinged wizard of Oz. And then we discovered from a Hillary supporter and researcher, Dr Robert Epstein that Google did everything they could to rig the election, influencing as many as 8 million votes for Hillary.

I thought interfering in a US election was illegal? And as you may recall, it was our AG Eric Holder who insists that voter fraud does not exist. Really? Well why do people keep getting arrested (mostly Democrat operatives by the way) and convicted of said ”non-existent” voter fraud. And to think he was our Attorney General, the preeminent law officer in the land.

The last two years has been a war and most citizens would rather ignore it. But as the saying goes, you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Sooner or later your vote will not be enough.

Like at our founding, early Americans had to make a most dire choice, freedom or subjugation to the crown. The brave men of the colonies put it all on the line, their honor, treasure, their very lives for the possible dream of liberty. And think about the many since who have fought for and defended The Cause.

Very much different for the Marxists and Socialist of history who were forced to surrender their lives. We see it as a duty. For the victims of socialism/Marxism/communism there was no sacrifice for a higher calling, they were murdered (and continue to be murdered) in the name of their alleged social justice.

With this in mind, perhaps we can better appreciate Patrick Henry’s cry to “give me Liberty or give me death.” Anything short of liberty is either death or dying and in many cases painfully and excruciatingly slow. Our hearts break for the holocaust victims, but what about those who survived. It’s impossible to imagine the pain and horror they carried through the remainder of their lives as the result of their loss of their God-given liberty.

Yes, this time, it’s not the British who are coming, it’s some of our citizens who are all in to fundamentally change America, to God only knows what. But it certainly isn’t your grandfather's or father's America. It’s no longer an existential threat. Their plan has been decades in the making.

A plan that has taken over our educational system, entertainment, technology sectors, the media-TV, newspapers, and some radio stations. And if that’s not enough, they are hijacking our language in the name of a woke generation of political correctness and proper pronouns. This is nothing short of central command madness.

Like it or not, the Second American Revolution is at your doorstep and for those of us who would rather die than lose our liberty, there is no choice but to warrior up and fight back the evil forces who are amongst us. And don’t be confused, this isn’t about losing our minds and forsaking love either. This is still about love for our God, Country, families and fellow patriots who are equally committed to this great American dream for all. Love is still why we believe, fight when we must and find reason in dying. E pluribus unum!

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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