Bill Martinez: Who Told You Joe Biden Was Legitimately Elected President?

The social media industrial complex revealed their committed bias in 2020.

The same party industrial complex that has a tradition and history of lying and stealing elections. From JFK to Biden.

The same media who deliberately abandoned their Constitutional duty to hold our government accountable and to report the truth regardless of party or person.

The social media industrial complex who under the guise of non-partisanship left no doubt and revealed their committed bias. From Google’s CEO declaring that Donald Trump would never be reelected, to Mark Zuckerberg investing $400m for a designed outcome in some targeted swing states and districts. They were all in, at all costs. This was not a fair fight.

The now revealed collusion with our FBI and intelligence officials to influence the vote by being the original purveyors of Russian disinformation, not once but twice. First as it related to the Hunter Biden Laptop which they had in their hands almost a year prior to the election and which has now been revealed that they had validated its contents at least 8 months prior to the election.

Regardless they went to the social media companies and enlisted them to suppress the truth and promote in every mean possible that The Laptop from Hell could be considered Russian disinformation. So why not? The country had been conditioned for five years that Donald Trump was a Russian asset and Putin’s pawn.

And of course, it’s now common knowledge that this first lie was based on a Hillary Clinton orchestrated oppo political research now known as the Christopher Steel dossier. The evidence also revealed that our FBI knew from the get-go, that it was a bunch of manure. However, their arrogance and hubris couldn’t resist because even this lie could serve their diabolical means to an end, which was to make sure Trump would not get elected, and their side would be back in power.

And the fact, WTP did not go along with their lie and elected Donald Trump any way, really infuriated the Deep State and permanent ruling class. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats went full “resistance” mode and pulled out all stops to continue a purposeful interference of a legitimate elected president of the United States.

How much money and even lives did this rank partisanship cost WTP? Do they care? Of course not, it’s never been about the people, it’s always been about their power and control. Fact is, they owe us for all the death and destruction that they rendered upon the people they supposedly serve.

Imagine how a United America would have taken on the Covid pandemic. How much better our country and the world would have been? But no, Pelosi, Dr Fauci and the “Uni-party Industrial Complex” would not let this crisis go to waste. They did what they’re experts at doing. They lied to us and divided us through fear, distance, masks and vaccines. All for the designed purpose of executing a Coup and installing a feeble and corrupt puppet to do their bidding and to further the Fundamental Transformation of our country that started more deliberately under President Obama.

The Biden administration has taken a wrecking ball through all that was left that we still believed may be good in America. Our families, traditions of marriage, gender, our children, the economy, meritocracy, values of hard work, fair competition, our Constitution, religious institutions and values, and law and order. Nothing has been spared from the Democrat Party’s wrecking ball.

Bottom line, there can be no room for liars, cheaters and stealers in our Democratic Republic. On this we must recommit to stand, One Nation Under God.  America and the World is counting on us.

Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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