Cindy Grosz: HBO’s Staircase Confirms Judiciary Corruption is Decades Old & Getting Worse

Duane Deaver of the State Bureau of Investigation misled the jury about bloodstain evidence in the original 2003 trial

HBO is hardly considered a conservative entertainment company. I must admit I am enjoying The Staircase miniseries based on the true story of Michael Peterson and the death of his wife. I must admit I “fell in love” with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy decades ago and have always admired Toni Collette since Muriel’s Wedding and another Jane Austin book made into a movie, Emma.

Real stories always intrigue me.  What peaked my interest more was that today, almost twenty years from the initial trial, judicial corruption is headline news today, and not only allowed, but sadly more accepted.

Originally convicted of murder and living in jail for several years, Peterson was eventually freed after new evidence suggested possible interference in the case by those in power Peterson criticized in his writings and attempted political career.

Duane Deaver, an analyst with the State Bureau of Investigation, misled the jury about the strength of the bloodstain evidence in the original 2003 trial.

Peterson’s story was made into a documentary not much different than the January 6th entertainment televised over several nights or the leaked Supreme Court abortion case.

Unfortunately, not everyone has money or celebrity status to fight to find out the truth.

Judgeships and many staff members are affiliated with state and local party bosses.  Many closed door deals are made with all party leaders and jobs are handed out to relatives and donors.  Deals are made to open up elections in exchange for power of the bench.  Board of Elections jobs are handed out in a similar manner.

Could it explain why Donald Trump’s team has been so unsuccessful in getting answers to the 2020 election results despite witness affidavits stating very credible information?

Could it explain how we ended up with progressive district attorneys, a failed bail reform system and the surge in crime?

Could it explain that despite videos of self defense, Grand Rapids Police Officer Christopher Schurr, who fatally shot Patrick Lyoya in the back of the head April 4, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder, Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker announced last week.  Michigan has a highly competitive Gubernatorial race and this charge could be tied to black voters.

Second-degree murder is a felony offense. If convicted, Schurr could face a lifelong prison sentence with the possibility of parole.

In my own case, the judges are all Democrats and tied to their party’s elected officials in New York.

It definitely explains why I can’t get a fair lawsuit exposing corrupt Democratic Assemblymen and State Senators despite witness testimony and headlines in the news of scandals in public schools hurting Democratic minority families most.

Obviously, I wasn’t there when Kathleen Peterson died so I can not confirm Michael’s innocence or guilt.

But, in my situation I can prove illegal wrongdoings in the New York judicial system.

Here are some:

  • I filed a lawsuit as a whistleblower with the promise in writing of protection. It included no retaliation and confidentiality of both.
  • Not only was I retaliated against, my confidentiality was broken and my life threatened.
  • Specific documentation confirms defendants in my case had meetings with potential witnesses and covered up facts that exposed my revelations to be accurate and factual.

I can't be the only person like this.

What Can Be Done

It’s primary time.  It’s campaign season.  Don’t limit yourself to congressional races.  Educate yourself about every race and every candidate.  Republicans are just guilty as Democrats.  Establishment RINOS are in positions in many county and state offices who work directly with the courts.

Don’t let Republicans and Democrats cross endorse so that you have no options to pick judges.

Judges deserve professional respect and privacy and safety at home.  But we must have more public oversight in our courts so that the judiciary branch of government set up by our forefathers succeeds before it leads in bringing our country done.

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Cindy Grosz

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Talk Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. She can be reached through

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