Cindy Grosz: How To End A Career In 12 Minutes Re: Matthew McConaughey

How many actors are aware that guns aren’t the only weapons young elementary school students use to harm and/or attack?

We understand Matthew McConaughey’s personal connection to the Uvalde mass shooting incident.

But we all thought the Oscar Winner of Dallas Buyers Club, realized staying out of politics was “alright, alright, alright,” after deciding not to run for Governor of Texas in 2021.

Matthew, you work in a business that promotes guns to young children.  Have you forgotten the posters for the movies, Mud, and The Dark Tower?

Let’s have an honest conversation about guns and the border that is not too far from where you grew up.  Let’s talk about your religious and family values that progressive elected officials mock.

Matthew, a better discussion would have been to address state and federal mandated reporting laws.  Educators are required by law to address suspected neglected and/or abused children.

Or, let’s focus on the schools that are allocated state and federal funding for guidance counselors, social workers and support staff for students requiring extra services for medical reasons, including anger management and depression.

McConaughey would have never been allowed to address the public from The White House since the unions would have disapproved.

How many actors are aware that guns aren’t the only weapons young elementary school students use to harm and/or attack?  Schools confiscate knives, pencils, glass, and toy guns.  While Uvalde, Parkland and Sandy Hook are the extreme, a better discussion is why are we allowing our youth to threaten, harm and kill in schools, stores and parks?  Why are streets war zones and why aren’t we changing the lenient bail reform laws that allow killers on the street to harm again within hours?

Is Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused? Is he trying to revamp a political career that was a Failure to Launch?

The multiple award winner wasn’t always against guns.  The star of True Detective was passionate about honoring the students and teachers murdered viciously.  The green sneakers were a great prop.

We should never forget them.  But, it was painful to watch an actor who was not elected act like he was.

As a father of Hispanic children, he should be making passionate speeches about identifications to vote, uphold the constitution and teach factual history in the classrooms.   It is no coincidence that less than 30 percent of Hispanics approve of President Biden’s agenda.

Does McConaughey feel that we should have a national discussion about drunk drivers that ended up killing more people over Memorial Day weekend, and use Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, as the “poster boy?”

Can he use his legal smarts after playing a lawyer in A Time To Kill to fix the shortage of baby food, lower gas prices and stop war around the world?

Matthew McConaughey, I thought you were smarter than to be a prop.  Next week, will Will Smith stand at a press conference with New York’s Mayor, Eric Adams, and teach us anger management in racist press conferences?

There are over 28,000-gun laws.  Most guns used in mass shootings are stolen.  Most mass shootings are carefully planned out and hinted about on social media.

Maybe Matthew McConaughey would have had more credibility if he asked for our educational and our technological systems to be fair and honest.

Take a line out of your own life, Matthew, and not a script from the Biden administration, “Now, you lose something in your life, or you come into a conflict, and there's gonna come a time that you're gonna know: There was a reason for that. And at the end of your life, all the things you thought were periods, they turn out to be commas. There was never a full stop in any of it.”

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Cindy Grosz

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Talk Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. She can be reached through

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