Cindy Grosz: Only Hollywood Could Honor Itself For Losing 500 Billion

This weekend officially starts the televised parties featuring “the best” of Hollywood.

Obviously, they are the only ones partying. Would you party after major studios, streamers, cable providers, and other media giants lost a combined $542 billion in market value in 2022.

Let's face it, entertainment was so much better when three stations dominated television. When critically and financially, movie openings took over our lives on Memorial Day weekend and Christmas week?

When was the last time you waited on line to purchase tickets or popcorn at the neighborhood theater and got dressed up so you looked your best when running into the popular community leaders?

When was the last time you said there are so many great choices to stream and not enough time? Let’s be honest, most of us spend more time switching remote controls than actually engaging in every word on screen.

Entertainment has to be redefined in 2023. Every common sense person regardless of political, religious or financial background agrees.

Older generations relive yesteryear and can’t believe they are ageing with the last great filmmakers and younger generations consider entertainment their voice of entitlement and freedom.

Young and old are rejecting their desires. They are why movies, television miniseries and amusement parks were created in the first place. They were places to date, places to share memories with family and friends and time to shut a phone, engage in a debate or clean a closet. Actors and actresses dressed they way we wanted to and enjoyed luxuries we only dreamed about.

Today, entertainment leaders are plagued by lawsuits, miserable relationships, depression and anxiety and even jail or death.

Who do we respect? What movie or film of 2023 would you want to bury in a box so that someone finds it a century from now? I can’t think of any and neither could you.

Long gone are the years like 1939 or 1950 where films were made that will live on forever as well as performances. In 2023, we can name five quality entries as nominations in every major category.

Because Hollywood doesn’t listen to the public and is losing us, two major trends are happening:

  • Hollywood used to spread out awards and many more actors had the opportunity to win. Within the past few years, the same people are winning the awards. It looks like Cate Blanchett will continue that tradition.
  • Entertainment and filmmaking is an American invention. We built the studio system, the words superstar and blockbuster and it was the Academy Awards that every other award show compared itself too. I bet you can name an Oscar winner before you name the winner at the Cannes Film Festival or the BAFTA show. Today, we look to honor those foreign born and yet use the industry as another tool to end our superpower status among countries around the world.

The exportation of the entertainment industry destroys the economy, not only in Hollywood, but in every state, every city and every location that films set up create movies and television shows. I am not just talking about actors and screenwriters. Let’s discuss the local restaurants, hotels and makeup artists that benefit from location shoots.  How about advertising and newspapers where location filming takes place. Billions of potential dollars for hard working Americans is lost forever.

In March 2021, published reports blamed the lack of diversity for a $10 billion loss in Hollywood. In December 2022, when Hollywood embraced woke education and made the white middle aged heterosexual man the enemy, blame is being placed on high inflation and the fragile economy that is a consequence of Biden's catastrophic leadership failures. President Biden, Mr. Diversity  in his appointments of black women, homosexual and transgender people is the problem? Probably. President Biden forgot what he is-a white grandfather in a traditional marriage.

None of us conservative leaning patrons of the arts tells anyone how to live, what to wear, or how to act.

Some are waking up. Some are creating alternatives to all to enjoy. Perhaps awarding failure in Hollywood will finally end in 2023 as loudly as the slap in 2022 by Will Smith, because if he was a white man, he would probably be in jail.

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Cindy Grosz

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Talk Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. She can be reached through jewishvotecounts@gmail.com

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