Common Realtek Audio Driver Solutions For Windows

Have you run into problems with the audio on your computer? Perhaps sound is distorted or, even worse, isn't playing at all. These are common problems with Realtek audio device drivers but the solution is never too far away. While the PC is still a popular workstation of choice, there are many laptop users that need to know how to fix problems with their Realtek audio drivers. Here's how to do it:

1) Update your BIOS - The first thing you want to do when facing problems with Realtek audio drivers on your Windows PC is update the BIOS.

2) Update Your Audio Driver Software - Even if you have updated and restarted your system, there could be an issue with old drivers. It's always a good idea to check for updates in Windows or using the manufacturer’s site. If all else fails, download any installer for another make and model and then replace them manually (through device manager).

3) Update Your System Driver - If your system is recent enough, you can try searching the page for a new driver for Realtek audio drivers. This way, you are able to make sure that you have the most accurate version of the driver.

4) Try a Different OS - If Windows XP or Windows Vista is on your computer then it may be time to move to another operating system such as Windows 7.

5) Avoid Using Third Party Drivers - While these always help some people, they are not necessary. Therefore, make sure that you do not use third party Realtek audio drivers as this could cause a high level of problems.

6) Back Up Your Device Driver - If the situation has become too much then you could be forced to reinstall the drivers for your Realtek audio driver. This is where a back-up of the device drivers would come in handy.

7) Roll Back the Device Driver - During this process, you will need to plug in any hardware that was previously unplugged; this includes any printers and USB devices. It is also important that you do not stop any processes that may be running.

8) Update Your Drivers - Before installing any new device driver, make sure that your system already has up-to-date drivers first.

9) Reset the System - If you have installed any new software, it's always a good idea to reset your system. This is to be sure that any problems are not caused by any faulty previously installed programs. Go into safe mode again and use the refresh option to remove all personal data.

10) Scan Your PC With Anti-Virus - If all else fails then it may be time to use an anti-virus program. Once this is done, you should be able to fix any problems with Realtek audio drivers on your computer for good.


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