Dan Perkins: Why Do Democrats Lie with No Consequences?

By Dan Perkins:

I was on a radio talk show recently, and the host asked me a question, "Why is it that Democrats do not take responsibility for their mistakes?" It seemed to him that during the Mueller investigation, they made all kinds of representations about the collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign that were not true. When Mueller issued his report and said he could not find any collusion, no Democrat apologized for all the wrong and vicious things they had been saying for almost two years.

The mainstream media ran story after story about all the things that President Trump supposedly said or did, and they were wrong so many times, the President called them fake news outlets. Harvard University and the Media Research Center each did a study looking for the percentage of stories covering President Trump that were negative. Harvard found that 91% of the time they were negative, while Media Research discovered 93% of the stories were negative.

In the past week, we have another example of fake news over what was reported to be a whistleblower claim. This, as has been well-reported, concerned President Trump having a conversation with an unnamed foreign leader, now known as the recently-elected president of Ukraine. The story, when initially printed, made no mention that the whistleblower did not actually hear the phone call. In fact, he heard about it from a third party. This information came out later, but it did not stop the Democrats calling for the impeachment of the President. Not to be outdone, even one Republican, Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts and 2020 presidential challenger, said that what the President did was treason and the penalty for treason was execution. You will understand in a moment why opponents are saying these things.

Weld had no more information than you or I had, and yet he made a judgment of the President’s action. Now, many mainstream news organizations are also demanding the impeachment of the President. Democratic Representative John Lewis of GA called for the impeachment of the President based on the whistleblower charge. It didn’t seem to concern him that the complaint was hearsay and shortly might be demonstrated to be more fake news.

During the news break on the show I was on, the answer to the host’s question came to me, and when I told him, he said he had never heard that idea, and with my permission, he would like to use it. So, here is the answer to the question as to why the Democrats, lie, mislead, deceive, and more? Let me submit an Arabic word, Taqiyya to demonstrate the point.

Yarden Mariuma, a sociologist at Columbia University, writes: "Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie." Muslims can lie to infidels and do so with no moral consequences to themselves. Now that you understand that they can lie, perhaps you can understand one Muslim’s comments, who also is a Democratic congressional representative, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota. I’m not sure you can trust what she says. Under Taqiyya with no accountability for her actions, she can say and do what she wants. Applying this concept further to many Democrats, I wonder how many Americans actually believe the things Democratic candidates are saying on the debate stage?

I believe that the Democrats have learned from their Muslim brothers and sisters that they have no accountability to anyone. They can say what they want, regardless of the truth, and if they are wrong, so what. A great deal of successful Democratic reporting is because the mainstream media believes the same things. The MSM no longer reports the news; they create the news for a political agenda. It is no longer critical whether what they report is true or not. It has been said that the Democrats and the mainstream media are working together on this political agenda. Anything that does not fit their agenda doesn't get reported to the American people. If what Donald Trump is doing and what he has accomplished do not fit, therefore, it is not reported; he has to be silenced.

Democrats hate President Trump for one very simple reason: he fights back. Republicans are not supposed to fight back, they are supposed to do what they are told by the Democrats. The more Trump fights back, the more enraged the Democrats become.

Perkins Twist: The Democrats lie because they believe the American people are dumb enough to believe them rather than the President. They do not need a moral high ground because Taqiyya gives them the cover to try and do whatever they want. It allows them to destroy anyone who doesn't fall into line with them. They do so with a clear conscious.

In sum, there is no moral compass in the Democratic Party. I hope that this story about the relationship of the activities of the Democratic party and the Islamic principle of Taqiyya will open the minds of the American people. I believe the American people are basically good and honest, but when they find out how they have been lied to, manipulated and deceived, they will revolt and throw the liars out. The election in 2020 will be about honest people voting for honest people. The deplorables will have their day, and the Democrats will not know what hit them.

Dan Perkins is an author of seven books with four of them on Islamic terrorism against the United States. He writes current events commentary for over 20 different blogs including, Clash Daily, Newsmax, The Hill, the Daily Caller, Reactionary Times, and the oldest blog on the web, Conservative Truth. He appears on over 1,400 radio and TV stations a month as both talk show host and guest commentator. In October, Dan will be hosting the first national radio show on Cannabis called “American Cannabis Conversation” on His website is

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