Apple Unveils Next Gen Apple iPad Models including the New M2-powered iPad Pro

Apple's new M2 iPad Pro boasts several impressive features, including a Liquid Retina XDR display, 5G connectivity, and enhanced processing power. However, one particularly exciting capability for content creators is the iPad's ability to record video in the industry-standard ProRes format for the first time. While this would typically be supported by Apple's native Camera app, it seems as though customers will have to turn to third-party options if they wish to take advantage of this feature.

Regardless, this addition opens up a whole new world of possibilities for video producers looking for a mobile solution. It also suggests that we could potentially see even more advanced capabilities added to future iterations of the iPad Pro. In any case, the M2 iPad Pro is proving to be a formidable option for professionals working in creative industries.

Apple announced updates for three significant product lines on September 18: the iPad, iPad Pro, and Apple TV. The updates include new features and capabilities for the highest-end iPad Pro models.

The next-generation iPad Pro is expected to go on sale later this year. It will be available in sizes 11-12.9-inch, 12.3-inches, and the 12.4-inch 12.5-inch sizes, with prices starting at $649.99.Apple today introduced a new iPad Pro with the M2 chip, a new hovering Apple Pencil feature, faster Wi-Fi 6E, and more. Other rumors, however, did not turn out to be true, and we've rounded up a few of those incorrect rumors below.

Apple has released a 9-minute video featuring different Apple employees talking about and presenting the new iPads. The updated 11 and 12. 9-inch iPad Pro models are not particularly exciting, as Apple has not introduced any design. The iPhone 15 Pro models may feature solid-state volume and power buttons, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The Sleep widget is the only new widget addition in iOS 16. 2 beta, Apple has introduced.

The iPad Pro will feature the same LED Liquid Retina Display found in the current generation model and not the newer mini-LED display technology. It will also feature a new Sleep widget that can be added to the new iOS 16 Lock Screen alongside other widgets. It is the first widget addition to the Lock Screen since the iPhone 6S – the first iPhone model to feature the component. The price of the new M2 iPad Pro has not yet been announced, but it is expected to start at $999 (£799) and go on sale later this month. It comes with a 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro and a 10.5-inch variant of the 12.3-inch model. It goes on sale on October 25 for $1,999 (£1,499) and 13.99 ($1,199) respectively. It's the first time Apple has launched two iPads at the same time. Apple also announced a new Macbook Pro with a Retina display, which will be available later this year for $2,499 (£2,999)Apple seeded the first betas of iOS 16. 2 to public beta testers today. The update introduces support for Live Activities, a new type of Lock Screen notification.

The iPhone 15 Pro models will feature an increased 8GB of RAM, a USB-C port, and multiple camera improvements, according to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce. Users can expect the iPhone 15 lineup to again consist of four models and that only the two pro models will get Apple's latest processor, as was the case with the iPhone 14 lineup.

The Apple Watch Sleep app provides information such as time spent in bed and sleep quality, with three different apps for the Apple Watch, the Sleep app, and the Health app. The Health app draws from data stored in the app and collected by the Applewatch or other sleep tracking devices. It's available in the iOS and iPadOS 16.2 betas over the air after installing the proper software update. The software update is expected to be released later this month, and will be available for download on September 26 and September 27, 2015.

It will be free to download from Apple's website and will include a free update for the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and 5S Plus, as well as the iPhone 6, 6S, and 6S Plus. It is not available for the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPad mini 3, 3GS, or iPad mini 4, 4, and 4S. It also does not include the iPad Pro Retina display, the Retina Display, or the iPad mini 5, 4S, or 5S. The iPad Pro 5, 6, 5 and 6 Plus will be released on September 28 and 7, 2015, respectively, and come with a new version of the iOS software called iOS 12.

The new iPad Pro models are not particularly exciting, as Apple has not introduced any design changes. However, the new M2 chip and the addition of the Sleep widget are welcome additions. The price of the new M2 iPad Pro has not yet been announced, but it is expected to start at $999 (£799) and go on sale later this month.

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