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How to Remove Zlo Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to extort money from victims in exchange for the release of their data.

Ransomware typically propagates as a Trojan horse. After successfully compromising a device, it encrypts its victim’s data and displays an overlaid screen demanding payment for the decryption key.

The malware also provides instructions on how to pay the ransom, most often involving an online service such as Bitcoin or other digital currency. The size of ransom demanded may vary between users: it might be $100, $200 or more (USD). The price may increase if additional time has passed since the last payment was made, or if attempts were made to remove ransomware from the compromised device after infection.

How Does Ransomware Spread?

Ransomware often spreads through phishing emails, with attackers tricking users into visiting fake websites to infect their computers. They can also spread through vulnerable software and unsafe web browsing, making use of visitors’ browsers to spread malware.

The ransomware is typically packaged in a zip file which contains an executable Java or JavaScript file so the ransomware can run when a victim opens it. The actual payload of the ransomware is usually delivered by email without any user interaction required beyond opening an attachment, which may have been disguised as other types of files such as images or PDFs. Often the attachment only includes a single piece of encrypted data and does not introduce any additional malware but could also be configured to display monetized advertisements when opened.

How Does Zlo Ransomware Work?

Zlo Ransomware is a program that encrypts data and displays a warning message in an attempt to get the victim to pay a ransom. Zlo Ransomware spreads through email attachments, which may contain zipped JavaScript or Java files. When Zlo Ransomware is executed, it encrypts files on the local system by making use of RSA encryption and demands that a ransom be paid in Bitcoin for the decryption key. Zlo Ransomware also spreads to other computers on the network via LAN shares if available."

Zlo Ransomware is a typical crypto-ransomware. The infection is spread through email messages and then has the ability to destroy any existing files it encounters during the ransom process. The infection arrives via an attached ZIP file with a message instructing the victim to pay a ransom of Bitcoin, which will unlock their files.

How to Remove Zlo Ransomware

Zlo Ransomware will typically be contained within a zip file attachment. When opened, the malware begins encrypting data on the device and displays an overlaid screen demanding payment for a decryption key in Bitcoin. Zlo Ransomware also spreads to other computers on the network via LAN shares if available.

To remove Zlo Ransomware:

1) Disable it by renaming all Zlo folders and files found in C:\Users\{Your Username} and C:\Program Files on windows devices or deleting Zlo folder from Documents, Downloads, Templates, StartMenu, Favorites folders for Mac OSX Operating Systems.
2) Remove any ransomware trojan horses that may have been downloaded.
3) Restore data from a backup if possible.
4) Run anti-malware software after the infection has been removed to ensure it has been fully eliminated.
5) Perform a scan of the computer with an anti-virus program.

How to Protect My Computer From Ransomware

To protect against ransomware, be sure to keep your operating system and programs updated. Make sure that you have anti-malware software installed and running on your computer as well. After the infection is removed, perform a scan with an anti-virus program to ensure all remnants of the ransomware has been removed.

If you have found malicious e-mails, then you should download and install an anti-virus program as soon as possible. Make sure that this program is updated, and that it protects your device. The best place to download this software is from a trusted source. It should be noted that after the ransomware has been attached to the e-mail, it can easily be spread from one computer to another by opening the message in a browser or attaching it on social media, such as Facebook.

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