Inbox by Google will Get Discontinued in March

Google announced that it would discontinue its Inbox by Gmail app by March 2019. The app has long been a test bed of the company to try new features that would eventually make their way to Gmail. Many users of Inbox by Gmail are less than thrilled about the news regarding their email client’s shutdown.

The allure of Inbox by Google stems from the number of features it has such as priority notifications, automatic email grouping, nudges, smart reply, Snooze emails, and more. Many of the features in the app have made their way into Gmail itself. The company has created a guide for users to make the transition from the app to Gmail as seamless as possible.

Many users, however, are reluctant to migrate from the app to Gmail. Many have gotten used to the interface and added multiple customizations to their Inbox. While most features of the app have been integrated into Gmail, there are still some that haven't been implemented. In any case, the die has been cast on the apps shut down leaving users with a couple of months until they migrate to Gmail.

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