Is fear and intimidation the left’s new strategy?

Is fear and intimidation the left’s new strategy?

Fear is indeed the most important strategy that leftists seem to be using nowadays. In fact, the use of fear and intimidation is quite common among leftists that which they use to make the lives of conservatives a living hell. Often at times, leftists can be seen playing the gender card, the sexism card, the race card, and the class card in order to get away with it. At times, they may use whatever means that they have to silence the voice of the conservatives and to demonize them, in order to shut them up. After that, they also pretend that this bullying is totally justified just because the conservatives are no less than demons themselves. Hence, they say that they deserve it more or less because of their intolerance.

Up to a good level, it looks like fear and intimidation is indeed the left’s new strategy in order to get their points across. For instance, the leftist activists of have encouraged groups of students and the local community to cause disruption in a Donald Trump rally. After doing so, they are using the outrage from the Trump supporters as means of gaining sympathies and to raise funds.

According to MoveOn, all the violence has been encouraged by Trump himself and by no one else.  Leftists at MoveOn.Org say that the group is simply being used as a scapegoat while the right paints itself as the victim. Moreover, MoveOn.Org has also stated that America is above the bullying that Trump does.

Later, Maxine Waters sent a call to her supporters to show backlash to the administration officials of Trump’s government due to the policy of no tolerance regarding illegal immigrants.

She called on her supporters to show up wherever it is "necessary." She asked a crowd of supporters to charge on any cabinet member that they spot in the supermarkets, gasoline stations, restaurants, and anywhere else. She also asked them to create a crowd in order to let them know that their presence is not welcomed.

As a result of this call, a number of administration officials of Trump faced a lot of public backlash while a few did not receive service at a restaurant.

Moreover, a man belonging to Toronto was later arrested for the roundhouse kicking of a female demonstrator. At the same time, the man harassed a number of other demonstrators at the rally later in the September.

Soon after that, Jordan Hunt who was 26 years old was turned to the police later in the 6th October. He got charged with a number of different assault counts related to the mischief caused at the event.

According to Marie Claire Bissonette who is a pro-life demonstrator, there were about 76 demonstrators along with her who were engaged in a peaceful protest in the life chain event at which point, she got confronted by Hunt.

Apart from the kick, it is alleged that Hunt also scribbled on the posters of the demonstrators, and their clothing with the intent of harassment.

Will the fact that the left has gained a measure of political relevance by winning  a chamber of Congress put a halt to this behavior? Time will tell...

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