Foreign Policy

Is Nationalism the New Patriotism?

Trump Shakes Up the Planet

By: George Cerrigone

Well, what do you think? He attempts to reverse the train of events and policies of four decades headed towards one world government. His medium has awakened and resonated with the politically dead to confront a hidden agenda orchestrated by leaders unknown to the general public. Those in Washington D.C. are not "stupid and ignorant" as Trump stated. Is he not aware of their separate agenda?

Globalism is an evolving movement, mentioned or not, in the doctored media. To the detriment of any nation it will pursue its goals. The American corporations overseas lead the charge. Outsourcing American corporations  have shed their national identity and loyalty to fly flags of their corporate logos. They hold three trillion dollars (3,000,000,000,000.) of untaxed profits overseas conveniently facilitated by the 34% U.S. corporate tax, this highest corporate tax world-wide presents their rationale for remaining abroad. Sounds like government and corporate collusion.

Millions of words in and out of the debates have ignored this topic. There is a growing mystery surrounding what appears to be a "sacred cow". Moreover, some billions held overseas are used by corporations to "buy back" their own stock thereby enriching their shareholders world-wide. Who are these major shareholders that remain anonymous? In essence, they, the corporations, are their own nations. Their loyalty is to their shareholder population.

The jobless masses in the U.S. and all the repercussions of these unemployed are the legacy of this corporate activity.

Ms. Clinton recently stared into the camera stating "I don't believe anything can be done about outsourcing." Really? If government has no authority in such ventures that endanger their citizens, a new age is upon us.

Mr. Trump speaks to the topic but only dances around the ignored 34% proverbial elephant in the room. Give him time.

In terms of trade of course he is a nationalist given his attack on imbalanced and damaging trade agreements impacting the U.S. economy. That attack is called patriotism. If patriotism is to die, American citizens must be educated concerning the new world to come. Now, they are treated as ignorant fools.

Although technology has conquered geographic distance, the closer foreign ties reveal alien cultures at earlier stages of political, economic and social development. Very often contrasting cultures breed suspicion and distrust, preventing fair trade agreements.

Certainly not the least are the clashes of notoriously uncompromising religious values and principles which we now are sadly witnessing. The politically and economically advanced nations must not sacrifice their national health for uncertain dangerous and premature visions of a one world unified.

Mr. Trump may very well be the proverbial canary in the coal mine of the American electorate, the politically incorrect warning.

No doubt, the medium the delivery has always added powers to oratory. However, there is a warning. All virtues can be driven to a fault except the king of virtues, moderation, as stated by the great philosophers. Sadly, Mr. Trump's blitzkrieg delivery takes no prisoners as he rides roughshod over all in his path. He must moderate his medium which now overwhelms and buries the very wisdom of his content, as he confronts the rampaging Globalists.

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