Julio Rivera: House to Take Action Against China with COVID Investigation

New Legislation May Allow America to Sue China for COVID Related Damages

It took the Biden administration more than 4 months to finally acknowledge that there may have been a dark and insidious truth to the origin of COVID-19 outbreak that has rocked the world since early 2020, and now bipartisan members of the House of Representatives are looking to curry support for 2 new bills that look to investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and would allow victims' families to sue China for COVID-19 related damages.

The first bill, which is called the "Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act," will establish, if passed, a 9/11-style bipartisan commission to investigate just how the pandemic actually started. This bill is key to establishing China's culpability in the outbreak.

It comes on the heels of the Biden administration finally acknowledging the possibility that the pandemic may have been born out of a laboratory accident in the Wuhan Region. What that may have been experimenting with exactly is still yet to known, but many have speculated previously that the coronavirus could have been manipulated and engineered by Chinese scientists.

I wrote a column last year for Biz Pac Review that highlighted the unfortunate sagas of Drs. Ai Fen and Li Wenliang. Ai Fen disappeared for a time under controversial circumstances. At the time of her disappearance, Dr. Ai Fen was simply upholding her Hippocratic oath and attempting to advise her fellow doctors of the growing illness at Wuhan Central Hospital. As a result of her efforts, Ai Fen and an additional eight of her colleagues were reprimanded, according to Radio Free Asia.

Dr. Li Wenliang was targeted by Chinese authorities after raising red flags regarding the coronavirus outbreak during its early days. He posted a warning to his medical-school alumni on the messaging app WeChat, that seven patients that had frequented the “wet market” in Wuhan were quarantined at his hospital with a SARS-like illness. Within mere hours of posting what was private message to his associates, screenshots of his messages were all over the internet.

One day after he sent the message, Wuhan authorities were forced to make the first public announcement regarding the outbreak and informed the World Health Organization of the situation.

Days after, Li would be reprimanded by Chinese police for “severely disrupting social order” and “spreading rumors online,”  and was forced to sign a statement confessing to having had committed a misdemeanor and promising not to commit any additional “unlawful acts,” according to CNN. Why did the Chinese government treat these Doctors in this manner? What were they trying to hide?

According to FOX News, China's refusal to support the World Health Organization's investigation into the origins of COVID-19 spurred the Biden administration to additionally accelerate the declassification of the U.S. intelligence about its origins.

An administration official told Fox that the president took the "rare step" to request the declassification of an item out of the President's Daily Brief to share publicly earlier this month, saying Biden was seeking to be transparent with the information U.S. officials have to date but also felt it was in the public interest.

Now China, in light of the declassification of vital intelligence that is beginning to take place, announced Tuesday during a meeting of the World Health Assembly that it does not intend to participate or support a second phase of the WHO’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19, with China actually telling the World Health Organization on Tuesday that it deemed the investigation into the virus’ origins to be complete.

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Julio Rivera

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