LBJ... Causing Destruction. Still.

The Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 passed by uncouth man-ho LBJ, was seen as an extension of the "Civil Rights" movement.  It also became a vehicle for infiltrating the country with the enemy.

I mean who the hell but a Democrat would think it's a good idea to welcome a cult, yes, CULT, not a race since any race can become a Muslim.

Eisenhower wisely advocated the immigration of those who have similar values and mores as the United States; hence they ASSIMILATED and didn't want to chop our heads off because they worship Satan.

What could go wrong with inviting enclaves of folks in who "breed" like willy-nilly aaaand can have more than ONE WIFE?  Are we seriously retarded?  Speaking of RETARDED, I taught public school in a district in Richardson, Texas that was right around the handy-dandy corner of a MOSQUE!  I don't mean to judge, but since I've taken graduate level statistics, the "stats" on the number of SPED (Special Education) students who were Muslim as opposed to the rest of the population was "freaky-deaky" to say the least.  It's really, really fun to teach fifth graders when they're fasting during Ramadan.....good times.

We had really better pull our heads out of our *sses so that we can at least have a running start before we get our heads CHOPPED OFF!   The "running" might be helpful also, to run away from the fires being set "willy-nilly" in the West, burning down thousands of acres of forests.

We should have seen this coming since an Al Qaeda magazine gave instructions to these cretins YEARS ago on how to build "ember bombs". Doesn't it make total sense that Satan's minions would really get off on FIRES?

Folks we had better WAKE UP or we're not going to have a country left.  Haven't you figured these people out yet?  The liberal/Antifa/anarchy crowd has somehow B.S.'d us to the point morons think our country is "racist" after eight years of a black dude...rrrriiiiiiight...makes TOTAL sense.

Seriously.  Trump stands for "law and order" and the "rule of law", ergo, the perpetually- prepubescent, butthurt rebels hate cops, and love them some chaos.  Isn't God on the side of "love" and "peace"?

Time is running out people; choose.

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