Proud Boys Leader Used to be an Informant for Law Enforcement

The leader of Proud Boys group Enrique Tarrio (36), used to be an informer for federal and local law enforcement.

According to a 2014 transcript and an ex-prosecutor, Tarrio has repeatedly worked undercover following his arrest in 2012. 

At a hearing in Miami, Enrique Tarrio’s lawyer, an FBI investigation agent, and a federal prosecutor stated that the Proud Boys leader had helped officials to prosecute many people in various cases.

Although the transcript and prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes proved Tarrio’s cooperation with the authorities, in his  Reuters interview on Tuesday, Tarrio denied working undercover saying “I don’t recall any of this.”

Considering Enrique Tarrio’s previous charges and the fact that he was part of the Proud Boys group that was involved in the Capitol riot on January 6, the uncovered records of his undercover work appear to be rather overwhelming.

Nevertheless, after the 2014 transcript confirmed the connection between the Proud Boys leader and law enforcement, Tarrio’s lawyer asked a judge to reduce his prison sentence. Enrique Tarrio and two co-defendants had pleaded guilty in a fraud case connected with the sale of stolen diabetes test kits.

According to the case prosecutor, thanks to the information which Tarrio had provided, the court prosecuted 13 people on federal charges and helped the authorities investigate a gambling circle.

There is no proof that Tarrio has worked with authorities since then, however, in an interview with Reuters, Tarrio stated that ahead of the rallies, he would inform the police departments of the Proud Boys’ intentions.

No further information on this issue was revealed, apart from the news that Tarrio stopped his cooperation with the law enforcement after the police cracked down on the Proud Boys group in December.

On Tuesday, Enrique Tarrio’s fraud sentence was reduced, from 30 months to 16 months, but he pointed out that it happened only because he and his co-defendants helped the police “clear up” questions about his own case, not any others. 

Nevertheless, Tarrio’s statement fully contradicts the judge’s statement, who said that the Proud Boys leader “provided substantial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of other persons involved in criminal conduct.” 


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