Restoring the Twitter Icon: A Guide to Undoing Elon Musk's Controversial Rebranding

In an unexpected and controversial move, tech mogul Elon Musk recently transitioned the widely recognized Twitter logo to an X symbol after acquiring the social media giant. The move did not sit well with the users who have imprinted the iconic blue Twitter bird logo on their minds, associating it with the platform for years. The abrupt replacement with the unfamiliar X sparked widespread outcry, pointedly illustrating the unity of the users in their unhappiness.

Elon Musk’s Controversial Decisions Since Buying Twitter

Musk’s unorthodox management style was clear from his decision to swap out an iconic bird with an anonymous X. The daring venture has affected Twitter's overall branding and its acceptability among the user base. One of the focal points of displeasure was when Musk installed a massive blinking X on the roof of the Twitter office in San Francisco, only to remove it after facing backlash. Irrespective of Musk's intent behind repositioning the brand, it exemplifies a series of hasty decisions that have alarmed stakeholders and users alike.

User Dissatisfaction with the Rebranding to X

As a platform known for its instantaneous circulation of global updates, Twitter's new identity as X has been met with accumulated resentment and sharp critique. The users, nostalgic for the Twitter they had known and loved, are unified in their disapproval. The adverse reaction to the rebranding move has driven some to explore alternative platforms, distressed by the alienating new identity of 'X' that was sprung upon them. This rebranding is often dubbed as ‘Musk's folly,’ as many feel that the quintessence of Twitter was extinguished through this transformation.

Aim to Restore the Twitter Icon Using a Shortcut

The collective discomfort with the new X logo has incited users to take steps to restore the original presence of Twitter on their devices. The solution lies in using Apple's Shortcuts app to customize the icon on iPhones and iPads. This guide will provide instructions to bring back the familiar Twitter bird icon to your device and, in turn, restore a level of familiarity and comfort to your social media interactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Restore the Twitter Icon

The following instructions will guide you from the recent 'X' icon to the familiar Twitter bird logo. For iOS users, the process involves utilizing Apple's Shortcut app and saving the original Twitter logo in your Photos.

Save the Twitter Icon to Your Photos

The first step in this process is to have the original Twitter icon saved to your Photos. Tap and hold onto the image of the Twitter logo and select 'Save to Photos.' This action will place the Twitter icon at the start of your Camera Roll, an essential detail for the next steps of this rebranding process.

Download the “Twitter” Shortcut

For those unfamiliar, the Shortcuts app comes pre-installed on your iPhone. This tool allows you to create a Shortcut button handy in opening any of your chosen apps with a single tap. Launch the Shortcuts app, and tap on the '+' button at the top right corner of your screen. Select 'Open App' from the following options. Tap on the word 'App,' appearing greyed or faded at the top of the screen, and in the search option, locate and open the 'X' app.

Remove X from your Home Screen

Following opening the 'X' app, you'll notice a small downward arrow next to the term 'Open App.' Tap on this, allowing you to remove the 'X' logo from your home screen. Move the app to any folder to clear space on your home screen.

Add “Twitter” to your Home Screen

With space cleared on your home screen, you can now add the 'Twitter' Shortcut. Tap on 'Choose Photo' and browse to the location where the Twitter icon is saved. After selecting the Twitter icon, confirm by clicking the 'Add' button at the top-right corner of the screen. Replace the X app with your newly created Twitter Shortcut. The familiar Twitter logo should now be back on your home screen, operating as before and providing a comforting return to familiarity.

Outcomes and Limitations

After completing the above steps, users can successfully switch from the 'X' logo to the much-loved Twitter blue bird icon on their Home Screen. Even though the process involves multiple steps, it is clear and relatively simple to follow, allowing anyone with an iPhone and the motivation to return their Twitter icon to its original look to do so. However, users should be aware of some noteworthy outcomes and potential limitations to this process.

Successful Restoration of the Blue Bird Icon on the Home Screen

The above steps guide users in reverting the 'X' logo to the iconic blue Twitter bird. The outcome is more than just a cosmetic one; it's a return to familiarity and the comforting emblem of a platform that millions of users are deeply connected to. This process allows the classic blue bird to once again grace users' Home Screens, even though the underlying app has changed. Moreover, users retain a standard version of the Twitter app with its new "X" icon and can choose to restore the X icon anytime without any complications.

Persistence of X on the App Switcher and App Library

While the relevant steps can restore the Twitter icon on the Home Screen, it is crucial to note that the change is essentially a visual one. The original 'X' icon will persist and appear in the App Switcher and the App Library. Consequently, despite the successful home screen restoration, users might occasionally encounter the 'X' when navigating their devices. However, for most users, the most essential visual reference is the Home Screen icon, which, with this process, can successfully be restored to the classic Twitter bird.

Alternatives to Twitter

The controversy raised by the shift from Twitter’s bird to ‘X’ has left some users exploring other social media platforms that offer similar functionality. While Twitter remains a dominant player in the social media landscape, other platforms have gained traction and offer unique features that people might find appealing. Users tired of the Twitter drama can consider alternatives such as Meta's Threads and Mastodon.

Threads, a burgeoning app from Meta, is quickly gaining ground owing to its association with Instagram. The social platform borrows heavily from its famous sister app and includes features that appeal to many users. Despite being low on features, Threads has a buzzing pool of activity that might appeal to Twitter users looking for a simpler, more straightforward social media experience. Existing Instagram users would find it extra convenient as they can quickly sync their follow list on Threads.

Mastodon emerges as a suitable option if looking for a more independent and less corporate alternative. Technically, it’s a decentralized, accessible, and open-source software representing various social communities. With an interface that looks like Twitter's plain, chronological version, Mastodon remains accessible even for less tech-savvy users. Creating an account on the default service is an easy process, thanks to the iOS app. Once you’re in, the experience is familiar yet refreshing compared to the mainstream platforms.


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