Three US Firefighters Killed in Australia Plane Crash

Three US firefighters and veterans died on a plane crash while battling the fierce wildfires on the island continent. 

C-130 and Australia’s Fires 

Although fire conditions and storms have been easing in some parts of Australia like Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, the battle continues on and has not stopped claiming the lives of those combating the bushfires, which have in about three months destroyed thousands of homes and killed millions of animals. 

Despite the death of wildlife and the scorching of a land, people have also been claimed by the fires, with over 33 people killed since October 2019, and just recently, three US military veterans and firefighters – Captain Ian H. McBeth, 44, of Montana, First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson, 42, of Arizona, and Flight Engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr., 43, of Florida. 

The three were killed in the crash of a C-130 tanker plane on Thursday. Determining what caused the crash just after the aircraft dumped a payload of retardant chemicals on a colossal wildfire south of Canberra: 

“We remain hopeful it will assist us in the investigation,” Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Greg Hood said about the retrieval of the cockpit voice recorder of the aircraft. 

“It was hard today because it is still an active fire zone and there are fire bombing activities throughout the zone throughout the day,” he added. 

The three US firefighters and veterans were a part of a multi-national contingency that has been aiding Australia in the fight against the fires.


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