Trump Campaign Message Shift Will Focus Ad Buys on Economy

Donald Trump’s campaign still intends to emphasize the law-and-order theme

The re-election campaign of Donald Trump intends to focus it's ad buy budget on messages related to the economy. A senior Trump campaign official said that after emphasizing on “law and order” in the past few months, their campaign will pivot on a $10 million ad buy.

Trump to Ramp Up Investment in Economic Message

The polls show that just before the November elections, Trump has a lead on his opponent Joe Biden on the handling of the U.S. economy, while the President fell behind in other areas such as the COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare.

Following the summer protests, Donald Trump’s campaign still intends to emphasize the law-and-order theme, however, the new ads will be focused on the economy. Also, should he win a second term, Trump pledged to rebuild the pandemic-battered economy.

"It's a focus on the economy as the defining issue of the campaign. Law and order is something that the campaign and the president will still talk about for sure," Trump campaign officials stated.

As the re-election campaign of the US President faces a possible cash crunch that has forced it to stop television advertising in some crucial states, Trump is undertaking a heavier fundraising schedule in the next weeks.

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