Trump States He Will Not Take Part In Virtual Debate With Biden

On Thursday, the CPD announced that "the second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations." The debate moderator will be Steve Scully of C-SPAN. Due to the change in the debate's format, the President refuses to take part in a virtual debate against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The US president announced the news in his first interview after being tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump: Not Going to Waste Time on a Virtual Debate

During his interview with Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo, Trump said that "The commission changed the debate style and that's not acceptable to us," adding that "I beat him in the first debate, I beat him easily."

The president said that he won’t participate in the debate as "I’m not going to waste my time at a virtual debate" and called it "ridiculous."

In response to Trump’s claims, Biden said that they “don't know what the president is going to do, he changes his mind every second so for me to comment on that now would be irresponsible," and he was going to follow the commission recommendations."

According to the US president and his campaign manager Bill Stepien, the CPD was acting in Biden's "defense by unilaterally canceling an in-person debate."

"That’s not what debates are about or how they’re done," Stepien added and said that they "will pass on this sad excuse to bail out Joe Biden and do a rally instead.”

In the meantime, the White House physician Dr. Sean Conley announced that Donald Trump has been “fever-free” for four days and has not had any symptoms of COVID-19 for “over 24 hours.” 


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