Two NYC Police Officers Shot in Targeted Attacks

An NYPD lieutenant has been shot in the Bronx just 12 hours after another two officers were ambushed in the prescient by a gunman. 

A Premeditated Attack at Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials say that they took a man into custody on Sunday at around 8 AM after the shooting in the 41st prescient. The man reportedly walked into the police headquarters, fired upon officers, and then placed the gun on the ground before surrendering. 

The shooting on Sunday also occurred in the 41st prescient on the corner of Southern Boulevard and Longwood Avenue, a matter of blocks away from the attack on Saturday. 

Law enforcement believes that the man in custody was the same person behind the ambush on Saturday that injured an officer. It is believed that the officer will make a full recovery as their injuries were not severe. 

The lieutenant shot in the attack on Sunday was said to be shot in the arm. Mayor Bill de Blasio reported that the officer was in stable condition at 10 AM. 

A senior police officer identified the suspect as Robert Williams. Williams was paroled in 2017 after being convicted for attempted murder. 

Governor Cuomo referred to the attacks as “horrifying” in a tweet about the attacks sent on Sunday. 

According to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, the alleged gunman approached the two officers at around 8:30 PM on Saturday evening. He talked to the officers and then pulled his gun at the officers, who were inside a marked police van. Commissioner Shea spoke at the Lincoln Hospital, saying; “Let me be very clear; This was an assassination attempt of two New York City officers.”

The officer in the driver seat of the van was hit by two bullets, according to the NYPD. The officer was hit in the neck and the chin. The officer had begun to drive away when the suspect pulled their gun and opened fire. 

The second officer shifted to the driver’s seat and drove their fellow officer to the Lincoln Hospital. He was said to be conscious and fully art on Saturday evening. 

The two officers are said to be childhood friends who joined the force just a few months apart from one another. 

UPDATE: The previous title of this news post incorrectly stated the police officers were killed. The post has been updated with the correct headline stating that the officers were shot, not killed. Apologies to our readers for any confusion.

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