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What is Cutdrywoe Ransomware?

Ransomware is an umbrella term for software that restricts access to computers or other electronic devices, demands a ransom to restore access, and may also encrypt files. It is becoming an increasingly popular way of extorting money from corporations and individuals who are not aware of the threat. The person who pays may then either receive their data back unencrypted, or all their data might not receive anything at all and lose their files and money.

How Does Ransomware Spread

Ransomware is distributed in spam emails, attachments sent in phishing attacks, web-based advertisements, adware installers, download pages on malicious websites or by clicking on a link in an email. The name "ransomware" is a contraction of "ransom" and "malware." Ransoms are demanded to restore access to the computer. The computer has been taken over by the malware.

About Cutdrywoe Ransomware

Ransomware-type programs such as Cutdrywoe encrypts data and demands payment in order to decrypt it. The affected files are appended with an extension conforming with four random characters. For example, a file originally named "1.jpg" would appear similar to "1.jpg.hboo", "2.jpg" as "2.png.x830", etc and then once the process is complete, a file titled "read_me!.txt" is created and the desktop wallpaper is changed with ransom notes on it.

How to Protect My Computer From Ransomware

More and more people are falling victim to ransomware, and the number of victims is rising. In order to protect yourself from ransomware, one must have data backups stored remotely. In order for this to work, it's necessary that you do this as soon as possible. The reason why it's important is that you don't want your data to be at risk in case something happens with your computer or if ransomware attacks again. It also helps if you have a monthly backup so you can rely on those files should anything happen unexpectedly too.

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