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What is the Redirect? redirect is a new website that has been appearing recently to deliberately redirect users who attempt to access the site to a totally unrelated website, usually asking for information about you in return or offering some sort of bait. The two examples of this are:


The way this works is that if you enter the URL for, either in your browser or in a search engine, a redirection server then redirects all requests to the third party site above. This is a problem because it means that if you try to access, which does not contain any adverts or other malicious content, instead you will be redirected to a totally unrelated website which may contain malicious software. The third party website will then ask you to enter personal information such as your name, address, email address and possibly phone number in order to provide a service which you do not need. If you attempt to enter any of this information the site will most likely place a false "security code" which will be instantly detected by most security software.

There is no way for the average user to protect themselves from this type of scam. Your only option is either to avoid visiting altogether, or to ensure that your security software is up to date by checking its updates regularly. It is also worth noting that this problem has been seen all over the internet, not just on, and is by no means limited to this website.

A more recent variation of the scam is to ask you to complete a survey before being allowed access to This should also be avoided as it is a ploy used to collect personal information about you in order to sell on in turn for a profit. In addition, completing these surveys can easily take up several hours of your time, so it is not worth doing if all you want to do is watch the video of "David after Dentist".

If you are redirected from to a different website, either by a Redirect or a survey, it is possible that your computer may be infected with malware and you should take action to have it removed immediately.


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