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What is Xot5ik Ransomware?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a user's computer and restricts access to it unless a ransom is paid. The hacker then holds the victim's computer or devices, such as mobile devices, for ransom. The cost of the ransom can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, payable to cybercriminals in Bitcoin.

How does Ransomware Spread?

Ransomware is typically spread through phishing emails that contain a malicious attachment or through social engineering efforts that trick users into opening malicious attachments from unknown sources. Infection methods have evolved over time and are no longer limited to simple email messages or chat messages. Ransomware can also be spread through websites or even drive-by downloads. The latter is the most dangerous as it can be executed even when the user is not even surfing the web.

About Xot5ik Ransomware

Xot5ik Ransomware is a type of Ransomware that encrypts all the files in a computer until the user pays a ransom. It drops a file named Xot5ik drops a file named Инструкция.txt, containing the ransom note. Files encrypted by Xot5ik will have a .xot5ik extension appended at the end of the file name.

Xot5ik Ransomware is a variant of the .NET ransomware family. The malware typically executes via a batch script and uses cmd line tools to alter registry or file data. Xot5ik ransomware has been detected inside the following files and processes: ['JbBEit6rbTpf7rF', '0xiz9AWjZq7gpTE', 'emk21h33.exe']

How to Protect Against Ransomware?

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from malware:

  • Use a reliable backup tool 
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software 
  • Use caution when opening email attachments and clicking on links 
  • Disable any plugins that are not required
  • Avoid opening emails from unknown sources 
  • Use good password practices
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