8 Ways to Fix Unwanted Bluetooth Behavior on Android Devices

Disable Automatic Bluetooth Turning On in Location Settings

In order to fix the problem of Bluetooth automatically turning on in Android, one of the key ways is to turn off the option from your device's settings. Thus, you may need to disable the automatic Bluetooth turning on in your location settings. To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

Access phone settings

First and foremost, you'd need to access the general settings on your Android phone. This is typically done by clicking on the gear icon found generally on the home screen or in the quick settings dropdown. This is the gateway into managing all aspects of your android device including connectivity options like Bluetooth.

Access Location settings

Once you've opened up your phone settings, scroll down and tap on the 'Location' option. This will lead you to the settings specifically related to location services and accuracy on your device. This is where the management of features and services that use your location data is centralized. These include services such as location accuracy and Bluetooth scanning.

Open Location services

In the location settings, navigate towards the 'Improve Accuracy' option.

Go to Improve accuracy settings

After opening 'Improve Accuracy', you will be able to view and adjust important features such as ‘WiFi and Bluetooth Scanning’. These features are designed to enhance the precision of your location tracking, but can inadvertently turn on Bluetooth.

Turn off Bluetooth scanning mode

The last step consists of finding the ‘Bluetooth Scanning’ toggle switch and turning it off. This means that your device will no longer automatically scan for nearby Bluetooth devices, thereby preventing it from turning on the Bluetooth feature without your directive. This step should resolve your issue with Bluetooth turning on automatically on your Android device.

Disable Android Auto’s Control over Bluetooth Settings

Android Auto application can manipulate the device's system settings, including controlling the Bluetooth settings. This app can occasionally lead to the issue of Bluetooth turning on automatically. Hence, to fix this problem, you can disable the control that Android Auto has over your device's Bluetooth settings. Follow the steps below to do this:

Open Settings

Tap on the Settings app on your Android phone to get started. The Settings app houses the various customization and configuration options for your Android phone.

Open Apps

Next, locate and open the "Apps and Notifications" or "Applications" option. This will display a list of all installed apps on your device.

Access Android Auto app

Scroll through the list of applications until you find the Android Auto app. Tap it to access its settings and permissions.

Change system settings

Once you have accessed the Android Auto app settings, find and tap on the "Modify system settings" or "Change system settings" option. This is under the Advanced section. This option enables or disables the app's ability to modify system settings.

Turn off 'Allow permission'

The last step is to toggle off the option titled “Allow modifying system settings”. This will effectively prevent the Android Auto from having any control over Bluetooth settings, thus resolving the issue of Bluetooth spontaneously turning on.

Disable Bluetooth Tethering

Another feature that can cause Bluetooth to turn on automatically is Bluetooth Tethering. This feature allows your phone to share its data connection with other devices using Bluetooth. If you often use it, your Android smartphone might automatically turn on the Bluetooth to share the connection. Therefore, disabling Bluetooth Tethering can help to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below:

Open Connection settings

Start by navigating to your device's settings. From there, select the 'Network and Internet' or 'Connection & Sharing' option, depending on your Android version. This section encompasses all settings related to your device's connectivity, including mobile data, WiFi, and tethering or hotspot settings.

Access Mobile Hotspot and Tethering settings

Inside the Network and Internet settings, you will find 'Hotspot and Tethering' or 'Tethering and Portable Hotspot'. Tap on it to open the tethering settings where you will find the Bluetooth tethering option. As you might guess, this is where you can control your phone's tethering and hotspot functionality, including Bluetooth tethering.

Turn off Bluetooth tethering option

Finally, look for the 'Bluetooth Tethering' option and toggle it off. By doing this, you are stopping your device from automatically sharing its internet connection via Bluetooth, which in turn should prevent Bluetooth from automatically turning on. This is the simple solution to the annoying issue of Bluetooth spontaneously turning on in Android.

Adjust Driving Mode Settings

Another possible cause for Bluetooth turning on automatically is the Driving Mode settings on your Android phone. The ‘Driving Mode’ is designed to automatically turn on Bluetooth when various conditions are met, such as when you are in your car. Disable the auto turn-on feature in Driving Mode and you could resolve the issue. Do it as follows:

Access Driving mode from Notification panel

To start with, open up the Settings app on your device. On the settings menu, select 'Connected device'. Then, go to 'Connection preferences', where you will find the 'Driving Mode' option.

Delete the Bluetooth connection feature

Once in 'Driving mode', you can manage the settings related to how your device behaves while you are driving. Generally, Bluetooth is enabled automatically in this mode to connect with your car's Bluetooth system. In this case, deleting or disable the 'Bluetooth connection' feature can help resolve the problem.

Disable 'Turn on Bluetooth automatically' feature

Lastly, you would want to disable the 'Turn on Bluetooth automatically' feature. Find this feature under the 'Advanced' option inside the 'Driving mode' preferences. Disabling this option would prevent your phone from automatically turning on Bluetooth while in 'Driving mode'. Once done with disablig the feature, check to see if the issue with Bluetooth turning on by itself is resolved.

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