A Tale of Two Tweeters (How Kim Kardashian got me banned from Twitter)


Here is a tale of two tweeters. One a Conservative Commentator, some would say Pundit, who has risen to notoriety as an a actor, writer, singer, talk show host. One who has risen to fame because her mother leaked a tape of her having sex with her Husband. The differences are beginning to glare already.

One can say anything she pleases about anyone including The President and no one bats an eyelid. The other defends The President and is banned by Twitter for 12 hrs for daring to Challenge The Queen of Porn herself, Kim Kardashian. Before you run to see if this is libelous, if your Mom distributes your porno flick, you are a porno whore.

My tongue in cheek tweet, (below) was shared in order to point out that Kardashian has not only ideas above her station, but also the audacity to trash talk Donald trump. My breasts may not be enlarged, my bank account may not be swollen due to selling my soul and I may not share my bed with a black Mentally Ill

​c-rapper, but surely lil Xanny G deserves the same rights as America answer to Jordan?


The problem with Twitter is that they never tell you exactly what part of what you said was wrong. They never give you any clue, so how above never mention Kween Kim Porno Whore are you meant to not repeat the same sin again? This is all before we get to the double standard in all of this.

Whilst I freely admit to being a Twitter Provocateur, why are Kardashians rights any greater than mine in a so called Democracy? Because twitter is not Democratic and treats celebs, even those famous for porno, like Gods and us mere mortal basque in their perceived glory.

​Twitter will continue to  allow whores to complain about good people and there is nothing we can do about it as they are a private entity. We must however ensure to point out their fascism, so that others are aware of their failures. Social Media is bought and paid for by Liberals, so us Conservatives are penalized for merely existing. I pray for Conservative Social Media to grow and give use a stronger voice in all of this.

Love and Peace

​Xan xo

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Xander Gibb

Xander Gibb, The Host of #XRAD, Broadcaster, Writer, Actor, Singer Comedian, with an honest unapologetic response to the world around him.

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