Are Trump and Boris Iran’s Worst Nightmare?

“...if we are asked, either by the Saudis or by the Americans, to have a role, then we will consider in what way we could be useful. We will consider in what way we could be useful, if asked, depending on what the exact plan is,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday amidst rising tensions in the Middle East caused by the attacks on Saudi’s Aramco.

During his flight to New York for the U.N. General Assembly, Johnson said “the U.K. is attributing responsibility with a very high degree of probability to Iran.”

“We will be working with our American friends and our European friends to construct a response that tries to de-escalate tensions in the Gulf region,” Johnson said, highlighting that should a diplomatic solution fail, the U.K. would support Saudi defenses and U.S.-led military actions.

A meeting between Johnson and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is due at the upcoming U.N. gathering, as said by the British Prime Minister himself. The international deal designed to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons and research is still a point of interest and involvement for many European nations, including Britain.

After an announcement last Friday by the U.S. saying more troops will be deployed to the Middle East to discourage any further aggressive behavior by Iran in the region.

“We will be following that very closely,” British Prime Minister Johnson commented on the United States’ announcement.

In an interview with The Associated Press, a U.K. official said that the claim Houthi rebels had made to be responsible for the attack was “implausible.” “The sophistication points very, very firmly to Iranian involvement,” he added, talking about the cruise missile remnants, which were discovered at the attack site.

An “all-out war” is what Iran threatens with if Tehran is targeted by any retaliatory attacks, denying any responsibility for the incident.

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