Avoid Falling for the Undelivered Mails Scam

If you receive an email informing that your mail was undeliverable, don’t be fooled! It is a scam. The purpose of this email is to make people think their mail is lost and pay the company with a false address to get it back. It is said that people are worried about missing important messages and are desperate to get them back.

If you receive an email from a company that you have never heard about and asks for money in return, it is probably just another email scam. The following are some examples of emails which may be part of the elaborate scam:

How Does the Undelivered Mail Scam Work?

The scam artists send out emails almost every day. They make the mails look like they came from legitimate mail service companies, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Apple. People can easily fall for this scam by paying the ransom money to the criminals.

The scammer gains your attention with an email and they make it look like it came from a common service provider in order to lure you into giving them money. They use this fake address to fool people, and when the person tries to verify their mail is undeliverable, they will click the link that takes them to a customer service chat where they are asked for payment information. Once an unsuspecting person pays them, then the scammer will stop sending emails and wait for another victim.

The scammer's goal is to make the victim think their mail is lost, and make them pay for information that never existed. The scammer will try to scare you with a fake address in their message. You should always check with your email provider if you receive any emails from unfamiliar email addresses.

How to Avoid An Undelivered Mail Scam

The best way to avoid this scam is to check about any unknown email with the help of a search engine. It may be a warning message from an anti-virus program, although it has always been said that no legitimate company would ever ask for money. If someone receives such an email, they should just delete it and not reply or open any attachments.

If you ever get a message from a company about the undelivered mail, don’t send money. Remember that the only only way to get your mail back is to contact the real service and ask them to make it right.

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