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How To Get Bluetooth Working on Mac

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using short-wavelength radio waves. It was developed first as a military specification for connecting personal computers, but it has evolved into a standard for transferring data between mobile devices, computers, and other devices. The current Bluetooth standard encompasses devices in the class 3 Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which includes all previous Telephonics specifications and all currently marketed Bluetooth products. A Bluetooth system can include up to 8 devices in a piconet (i.e., an ad hoc network with a single master) or more than 800 devices in a scatternet (i.e., a network in which each node can serve as host or slave). A packet of data is typically transmitted over only one channel at one time, asynchronously on an hourly basis.

How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to Mac

The steps for connecting Bluetooth devices to a Mac computer are as follows:

1) Set up the bluetooth device and turn bluetooth on
2) Make sure that the device is discoverable on your Mac. If it isn't, go to the system preferences and click "Bluetooth" under "View My Computer." Next, click "Discoverable" next to your device.
3) Select your device from the list of items discovered by your mac. This will connect them automatically if you have given permission for that particular device in the past. If not, when you select a new item from your list of discoverable devices, you will receive an error message saying that it can't connect because permissions are needed.
4) The next step is to give your permission to use the item. To do this, select your device from the list and click on "connect". This will bring up a screen asking if you want to allow the item to access the bluetooth device on your computer. In this screen, ensure that both boxes beside "Allow access" are checked.
5) After checking these two boxes, restart your Mac by clicking on "Restart" at the bottom right corner of your Mac's screen. When your mac restarts, it will automatically connect to the device you selected earlier.
6) Now you are done with bluetooth setup and now the fun part!

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