Barack Obama Trashes Trump Via Letter

Has no one informed Barack Hussein Obama that he is no longer President of The United States of America? It seems the poor lamb was not content with messing the country up for 8 years and he wants to carry on the tradition. As part of his role as Deep State Islamificator in Cheif, he is sending out letters to anyone interested in his ridiculous rants.

“Our country’s progress has never followed a straight line — for every two steps forward, it often feels like we take one step back. But I hope you’ll remember that the long sweep of America is defined by forward motion, and the course we chart from here depends on no one person alone,” Barry rambles.

You can write to Barry The Bodger via his website and if you are lucky, Uncle Barry will send you a reply, that's if he is not busy with his jury duty commitments. Coming soon to a TV near you Baz and Shelly take Chicago, I mean come on, whatever next. What is it with all of these ex Presidents thinking anyone cares what they think, now they are no longer in office?

Interestingly there is no mention of Hillary's criminal activity or the fact that the DNC paid for dossiers on Trump, or even the fact that he increased racial tension more than any other President, ever. Whilst he doesn't mention Trump by name, it is clear who he is referencing. I think it is time for the Apologist to go paint, like baby Bush or some other non political activity.

“Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted, and change only happens when people get involved,” Obama wrote. “As long as folks like you keep looking out for others and working to defend America’s promise, I’m confident our future will be bright. Please know Michelle and I will continue standing alongside you.”

No Barry, our democracy is threatened by ex Liberal Islamificators, whose only legacy is failure, the stench of which Chicagoan's  will endure for some time. Do us all a favor and let Donald Trump do his job, which I hope includes calling you and your administration to task for your crimes while in office.

Love and Peace

Xan xo


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Xander Gibb

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