Hannity backs Moore, and loses Advertisers. I stand with Hannity,

After Sean Hannity recently and quite rightly supported Judge Roy Moore, some Advertisers have pulled their ads from the show. Hannity echoed the point so many of us have been making regarding innocent until proven guilty. Interesting how that point was proven this week when allegations were made against Star Trek Actor, George Takei. Being a Liberal, Takei gets the benefit of the doubt. Moore however being a Conservative is deemed guilty without trial.

One of the advertisers who pulled out, Keurig may indeed not live to regret their decision, as people have been responding negatively. The #KeurigBoycott has begun and what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Just as Advertisers can pull their ad's The Public can pull their support and boycott a company, sometimes into bankruptcy.

Whilst they are playing it cool, I am convinced that they will not come out of this well and I am sure there are plenty of other Advertisers out there, who will be more than willing to take their slot. Also interestingly reports of their units being breeding grounds for bacteria, couldn't come at a more opportune time.

This is not as suggested, about protecting an alleged pedophile, it's about ensuring that we do not bow to Liberal logic and allow some people to have the right to be innocent until proven guilty, and others not. I stand with Sean Hannity and I will boycott Keurig. What will you do??

Love and Peace

Xan xo

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Xander Gibb

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