Bill Martinez: America, The Moment Is Ours And Now…Will We Get It Right?

We can only hope, justice will be served and our Democracy returned to We The People.

Mnuchin says we risk permanent damage to our country if we don’t reopen soon, Governors like DeWine, Whitmer, Abbott, Newsom, DeSantis and others around the country vacillate from being “risk averse” to willing to take a chance knowing that the downside could mean perhaps more immeasurable deaths, and God-forbid a Coronavirus rebound.

Hence the dilemma that the President, state governors, American workers and families find ourselves in. With a threat of a possible rebound of Covid-19, you can understand why some want to be conservative for their political lives, if not their very lives. While at the same time, our economy and unemployment continue to get racked by this pandemic.

The main problem is, we just don’t know. This in spite of all the President’s army of scientists and
Researchers’ models. It’s like no one wants to be wrong here, and you can understand, because, if you are wrong, unless you are the media, you will be pay bigly as POTUS likes to say.

Also, because only the Main Stream Media reserves to right to opine while maintaining their self-righteous, all- knowing and elite status. But even that is now being scrutinized after their abject failure with their reporting, opinions and some might say, even bald face lies about Russian collusion, the 30-million dollar plus Mueller investigation, the FBI attempted coup on a duly elected president, Judge Kavanaugh, now Justice Kavanaugh, the impeachment hoax team of Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff et al, Ukraine, The Bidens’, whistleblowers, stop me when you get it…

And we can only hope, justice will be served and our Democracy returned to We The People. It’s what America must demand, if we’re truly to live out our God-given destiny. America has been blessed by God for one reason, to bless other nations while acknowledging it is only because of God Almighty. This was at the heart of our founding fathers’ motivation and beliefs. Such a grand idea, they questioned if it could be possible. Only but for a moral and virtuous society…an unimaginable higher calling that could only come from God Himself.

Getting America back on track starts with making God great again. Whether or not you want to understand the Coronavirus as God’s judgment or not, it’s obvious that we don’t know what to do with confidence. We need more than a National Day of Prayer. How about a month of prayer and fasting? Could you consider the sacrifice for our nation, and the world? The most recent count is showing over 180 countries impacted by Covid-19.

I believe we find ourselves at a critical crossroads once again, that could impact the trajectory of generations to come for either good or evil, life or death. Can you appreciate the importance of getting this right? We truly can come out of this thing truly stronger if we chose rightly.

It starts with acknowledging that we do not have the answer, and looking for the One who does while He can still be found. I so believe with all my heart, that God is waiting for us to ask, so that He can restore it all. And only with God can it be even greater than before.

I have come to realize that life is an accumulation of choices and moments that determine our character and destiny. The moment is now and the choice is ours only to make. So, will we rise up and be the next greatest generation? The world, our country, our children are hoping we chose rightly.

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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