Bill Martinez: Black Lives Matter Is A Start

It’s clear that a majority of America believes Black Lives Matter, but they also believe All Lives Matter

It’s amazing just how far our culture has evolved as a result of experience. A new experience for many has been to engage in shouting or chanting black lives matter, a woke message for certain. I feel confident that most if not all Americans truly believe that “All Lives Matter," even though saying that out loud could be lethal, as in some reports.

When you study the polls, it’s clear that a majority of America believes Black Lives Matter, but they also believe All Lives Matter. This is despite being conditioned to keep that part of the slogan to themselves because of a fringe element of the black cause, called Black Lives Matter, whose three founders are revolutionary Marxists who advocate the violent overthrow of the government of the United States of America.

For this reason, within the Marxist call for violence, there is a clear demarcation between the protestors in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr and Congressman John Lewis and the radical “Burn the Whole Thing Down” BLM anarchists. The MSM continues to give cover for these radicals and disturbingly, they are impeding true civil rights solutions that the majority of Americans so desperately want.

And yet according to Gallup, 70% of Americans think Black Lives Mater has not improved race relations. In fact, according to a Monmouth University poll, 38% believe BLM has hurt more than helped.

If our goal is to resolve this long-standing injustice, then BLM and Antifa anarchists must be set aside so that real solutions can be achieved, so we can get our country back on track to work toward that more perfect union President Abraham Lincoln envisioned. The fact that their vision they declare is to burn it all down, is in direct conflict with a vision to build up and improve.

It’s names and memories of the likes of William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, MLK Jr and so many Americans of all colors whose names we may never know, but it’s been their blood, prayers and tears that bring us to this defining moment of racial equality and opportunity.

Our Country has paid so much in precious human treasure, that it’s redemption can only be found in a just and fair society for all. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Who doesn’t want this? This vision was valid 245 years ago and it’s valid today. Maybe too many have forgotten, but we must remember and like our founding fathers, declare our lives, our very fortunes to this end for all Americans. This was a freedom worth fighting for 245 years ago. It was just an idea, a hope. Today, we have benefited from this exceptional American idea because of the patriots who went before us, who believed even to the death in Liberty for all.

With all its human short fallings, it’s hard to deny what America has meant to our melting pot of immigrants, of all manner of race, color and creed. And of course, the greater good that we have served to nations around the world whose freedoms were under siege from oppressive governments, foreign enemies and even natural disasters.

None has claimed perfection, but in promise and aspiration, we continue to strive to be a shining light of liberty to the world. Consider the annals of history and show me where Freedom like what we enjoy has ever been attained by any other form of government. There’s no comparison. Our US Constitution which begins with the noble words, We the People puts all our government’s power in our hands, The People’s Hands.

Not the elites, the deep state, globalists, seditionists, insurrectionists, democratic socialists, communists, Marxists, anarchists etc. These antagonists to our God-given freedoms and constitutional government can only be theirs by our surrender. For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we must never surrender-ever.

These antithetical forces promise more than they really have or will ever have. They steal our resources, treasure and very lives and act like they’re doing us a favor by giving us a little back. This is the very history of self-serving governments like Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea etc.

And you wonder where this is all heading? It’s a race to a one-world government - what many know as Globalism. This one world government will affect a radical change of global governance, and leadership. It will be the cancel culture on steroids to a dimension that will make Nazi Germany look like amateurs.

And who will lead this world government, but a godless dictator or central command that will control your talents, any remaining treasure you may have, your very lives and the lives of your children and grandchildren. The future is clear for those who are willing to see.

America’s lesson, our lesson is what’s happening on our streets, is that yes, black lives matter, and all lives matter. It can never be about one group, because it ends up being at the expense of the other groups. It’s either ALL united to this cause of equality or nothing.

If we’re going to survive, we must reject anything less than equality for all as MLK Jr lived and died for. Equality and freedom for all means exactly that, not more or less equality based on your race, color or creed. And keeping mind that this is not about equality of outcome, but equality of opportunity.

Equality of outcome is virtually impossible even in the most regulated of situations and lives. And yet, it is a totally false proposition that millions have fallen for and lived or died to regret.

The time is now that we as Americans stand together fully dedicated and committed to the belief without reservation that all men are created equal. Not determined by a dynamic culture or compromised government, but by the only immovable uncompromising unending source of compassion and love, God Almighty, the maker of Heaven and Earth!

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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