Bill Martinez: Dems Heading For The Exits Along With Liberal SCOTUS Judge

What are Dems seeing that is causing them to head for the exits along with a Supreme Court justice? Makes one wonder who was in control of the judge's exit in the first place. The timing is critical and imperative for a party that is determined to force a losing and unpopular agenda on the American people.

Well, it would seem that the age old saying has come back to torment the Democratic party and its elected leaders, “Thou shalt not lie to voters.” All indications are that Dems should get a deserved shellacking in the midterms. The party leadership has led them down a road of avarice and determined self-service.

You have to be purposely blind to ignore the elitism and self-aggrandizement that includes family related corruption, insider trading and everything else that makes them mega- millionaires on the people’s dime. This is by invitation only from the elitist most powerful to the inner circle of the Deep State.

Congressman Jerry Nadler flat out lied when he said there was no Deep State. Who and what is the Deep State?  The ultimate lever pullers and puppeteers of our government and politics. It’s estimated to be around 580 uber wealthy American oligarchs.  Some form of the same exists in other nations. Russia has their oligarchs too beholden to Putin, and China has their Princelings as described by Miranda Devine in her new book, Laptop from Hell.

This ruling elite class isn’t affected by elections, they effect elections. All the institutions that we thought we could trust and believe in are all compromised and beholden to this shadow government. Our constitutional ideal of a government of, for and by the people is laughable to these ruling elites. They allow us to pretend our best interests are safe and secure because their money shields them from a corrupt and compromised government that blatantly lies to the governed.

They are the ultimate power brokers who control the majority of our government leaders, institutions, media, social media, entertainment, etc. As they say, follow the money and your eyes will start to be open. It’s simple and yet complex because of the enormity of their control even over the institutions that are the people’s supposed defense of a tyrannical government.

Sadly, these defenders of our republic especially the media, have all become “one of them,” and abandoned their constitutional right to exist. It’s their dereliction of duty that is costing Americans our freedoms. It’s what happens when a free press is no longer free or fair.

The Democrats have had fool (full) control of our government and within a year have managed to screw everything up. From energy independence, our Southern border, immigration, COVID management, and Afghanistan just to name a few.

As Marco Rubio declared during the 2016 campaign, America’s allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us. Then, it was Obama-Biden, now it’s Biden-Harris. The common denominator?  Biden and the Democrats.  They are proving unworthy of our trust and our vote. Let the shellacking begin!

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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