Bill Martinez: What Would Joe Do?

It is imperative that We The People hold the line for blind justice.

In light of Joe Biden’s issue with Tara Reade you can help but ask, “What would Joe do,” if he found himself scrutinized by the media, a band of attorneys and a Roman stadium filled with amped up observers looking for political blood, like what Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas experienced.

I know, some of you think this is what’s happening to Joe, but really it’s not even close. But before we go through the facts, let me first say, that if we should have learned anything from the most recent experience with Judge Kavanaugh, it should be that if we want to give a fair hearing of the offense, the court of public opinion is the last place where this should be adjudicated.

There is a venue where these issues must be resolved, and that Is before lady justice, blind folded from opinion, and whose job is to weigh the evidence to render what we would hope would be just based on the facts. The court of public opinion prejudiced by their emotions and perceived understanding based on limited information in most part distributed by partisan media types and political figures is the least effective way to discover truth and render justice. Hence, we see everyone being victimized in this modern process, and as with Dr Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, no justice.

Would America really want this type of justice system? Then why would we participate at any level with this form of remedy. There is a proven and effective way for the most part to adjudicate issues like these. And I believe we can agree that the court of public opinion clearly is not the place. Just ask, what was accomplished after Dr Blasey Ford interjected herself into the Kavanaugh hearings. Is she, the Kavanaugh family, or We The People any better or worse off as a result of her testimony? Did objective truth suffer, and what is the consequence for future abuse victims who deserve to be heard?

Yes, I’m sure we all agree every victim should be heard, but the question remains, should the court of public opinion be the venue? Especially when the result is nowhere close to just, fair and true. Common sense would tell you that a process loaded up with emotion, partisanship, hidden agendas and the sort detract us from the truth. This is why we need the courts that are firmly anchored in these blind justice ideals. It’s what makes us all grateful to be American citizens when we have a justice system that is credible and faithful to its reason to exist.

It is imperative that We The People hold the line for blind justice. The facts already demonstrate that our justice system is in no way perfect, after all it is man himself in our human condition who has ascended to this high position of responsibility. We need and must demand that the judicial system stand on the truth of this high calling and responsibility to every citizen and even non-citizen it is called to serve.

In comparing the facts between Kavanaugh and Biden, firstly there was no corroborative testimony with Dr Ford, Biden, yes family members, a close friend, Capitol Hill personnel office, three supervisors, co-workers, police report? Her former husband. Compared to Dr Ford, Tara Reade seems to have attempted to communicate her story over the years, but has been set aside and ignored.

Dr Ford suddenly appeared to tell her story saying she had no political interest but felt a civic responsibility. Of course, it was discovered afterward that she scrubbed her Facebook page to hide any political interest particularly as it related to Roe v Wade and her job with an abortifacient (day after pill) producer. These are a just a few of the obvious comparisons.

With these considerations, again, I ask not only what would Joe do, but how would Joe fair if he had to run a similar gauntlet as Justice Kavanaugh? And for that matter, how would anyone us do? This important answer should frame how we decide to handle matters like this in the future. The court of public opinion is indeed a most dangerous court for all concerned. Just look at how many lives have been injured and destroyed by its process.

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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