Bill Martinez: You Think I Care That You Hate Trump?

May I ask, what did he do to you? And please consider your answer beyond the typical propaganda narrative from the establishment media who despised Trump from day one, not because he was evil, but because he got in the way of their plans.

Remember, these were the same people who adored him to his face for his associated fame and wealth.  It’s the nature of the lust for power and control.  One minute they’re kissing up and groveling and the next they’re stabbing, killing, and cheating to meet their objectives.  What sort of person does that?

Again, outside of these influencers and their new narratives about Trump, what did 45 do to you?  Did he offend you when he championed a humongous tax break, putting real money into your pocket, or was it because he started eliminating stifling Government regulations that opened up the job market and re-introduced a powerful economy?  

Or was it your job that was sent overseas coming home and putting you back to work that restored your dignity?  Did your job and income get you out of the welfare line?  Did realizing your dreams and starting a new company, is that the reason to hate Trump?  Maybe it was this, the President stopped sending our sons and daughters to fight endless wars.

Were you convinced to hate Trump because he stood for life, taking a stand for all lives before and after birth?  He was the only President to attend and speak at the annual March for Life.  God only knows how many babies were saved because of the courageous stand against this modern-day holocaust of our defenseless children.  

Back to what caused you to hate Trump so much.  I know it had to be about energy for you.  You really did like paying more for gas.  There’s just something very wrong about being energy independent which we hadn’t realized since President Truman.  You probably would have hated him as well for making one of the most life-changing decisions in our country’s and the world’s history.

Can you ask yourself?  Did you hate Trump for something he did or failed to do for you and your family, or do you hate Trump because this is what you were told to do?  Who told you to hate Trump?

Emotions we know are such a powerful force.  They have built and destroyed dreams, families, marriages, and countries.  We must be wise to invest our emotions where they will do the greater good.  To encourage and not belittle…to build up, not destroy..to elevate and not pull down…to be honest and not lie, cheat or steal.

These are universal principles that advance every aspect of our society.  This isn’t about politics.  Like you, I’m just as disgusted with what politics has done to us.  And you know there is a purpose for all this animosity. To divide and conquer the citizens of our great country.  

The “lever pullers” of our government have us right where they want us, fearful and begging for their help.  Lest you forget, they are the ones who lead us here.  I do find it ironic that they present themselves so benevolent when using our tax money to “give us cake.”  It can only keep the populace quiet for a short time, it is ultimately unsustainable, because of the lack of integrity.

I hope you can reconcile your anger whether it’s for Trump, the election, the rising socialist class, and the ruling elites.  It’s that poisonous emotion that will keep you fearful, bring disease into your life and rob you of life’s simple pleasures and happiness.

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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