Blaine L. Pardoe: Free Masks and Late Test Kits Solve Nothing

By: Blaine L. Pardoe

The Biden Administration, in a knee jerk that could put a football into low-Earth orbit, announced that they would be providing free test kits and masks to Americans.  Free is a relative term.  Your tax dollars are paying for them after all. Biden’s supporters are hyping this as a bold response to the COVID 19 crisis, misusing the words ‘bold’ and ‘crisis’ at the same time. It comes to us as the horse has already left the stable in terms of the Omicron variant, and infection rates are dropping because we all got it back in December.

If anything, this is another debacle queued up as a solution…part of Joe’s mysterious COVID strategy he spoke about in the campaign.  Thus far his response was to try and force millions of Americans to get a vaccine that clearly is ineffective against the current strain, at the risk of losing their jobs.  He blamed people who didn’t get vaccinated for spreading the disease, when clearly this new variant didn’t care if you had been vaxxed or not. Fortunately the Supreme Court struck down the key underpinning for his mandate-o’rama, which essentially means that Joe never had a legitimate legally sound strategy in the first place.

Big surprise.

As if to cement his bumbling ineffectiveness, he enlisted the US Postal Service to deliver his test kits.  In typical government efficiency they are doing that with a 7-12 day turn around.  In other words, if you think you have COVID, you can order a kit just in time to have fully recovered from the spicy virus or already hospitalized.  In the worst case scenario you would get your freebie kits around the time they moved you to the ICU. The logic behind this ‘solution’ is as follows…  Aw hell, there is none.  As my father would say, “These guys could f*ck up a one-car funeral.” (The man was a poet with his cursing).

The icing on the proverbial cake is that President Biden announced that you would soon be able to order free N95 masks – three of them!  This is one of his more twisted solutions given that I have not heard of anyone who has had an issue with getting masks.  If you go into almost any business that requires them, they will provide them to you. Even businesses that don’t require them provide them for free. With everyone making masks to cash in on COVID they have never been cheaper. What problem is he solving here?

When did it become a problem that people couldn’t get masks who needed them?  That answer is, it isn’t.  This is a classic deep-state solution served up on a hot platter of steaming nonsense to the American people.  It is a typical government fix – Diagnose a problem late, apply a remedy that has zero effect on the problem, deliver it after the fact, spend a few billion along the way, then run up the flag and declare victory.

These measures might, and I stress, ‘might,’ have been helpful back in December, when Omicron was spiking. Seriously though, testing doesn’t actually stop the spread of the virus.  It certainly doesn’t help you when the test arrives after you need it.  I won’t get bogged down in a debate over the effectiveness of masks, but I will say that getting three of them for free is likely to have zero impact on the spread of a virus that is already starting to wane.

All this amounts to is thoughtless gestures to create the illusion that actual action is taking place.  It is a reactionary worthless set of actions that refuse to deal with actually reducing COVID rates.  Now, if he sent out the new Pfizer pill treatment to help reduce the risk of hospitalization, well, that makes sense.  Sending out masks to a society that has dozens of them and test kits after the fact only proves that this administration has NO strategy in place.

Blaine L. Pardoe, is author of Blue Dawn: The most chilling "what-if" in history...the progressive overthrow of the United States. Pardoe is an award winning New York Times bestselling author who lives in Virginia. He is the author of numerous science fiction, military history, true crime, horror, and business leadership books.

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