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What is Mainsearchadvise Browser Hijacker?

What is A Browser Hijacker?

A browser hijacker is a piece of software that takes over your computer by inserting ads, changing your home page to an unwanted one, or displaying other increased advertising on your screen. Usually, this is accomplished by changing the settings in Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

How Do Browser Hijacker Viruses Spread?

Most browser hijacker viruses spread through unwanted email attachments and visits to infected websites. Once the malicious software is installed, it starts to take over your browser by changing the home page, search engine, and new tab page to display advertisements.

How Does Mainsearchadvise Work?

To modify the browser settings, this program does not require user interaction. This is accomplished through a process called browser auto-updating. It will also monitor for other applications installed on your computer that could pose a security threat to the hijacker and prevent them from being recognized by windows.

This software has an option called 'start-up mode.' This will allow you to 'sideload' the hijacker into your browser when it starts up without having to launch any other applications. Your home page and search engine can also be changed with this option as well.

How to Remove Mainsearchadvise Browser Hijacker

If a browser hijacker virus has infected your computer, it may not be enough to uninstall the malicious software. As this program will have hijacked your browser settings and blocked other legitimate browser applications from coming through their auto-updates, you may be confronted by continuous pop-ups or reinfections if you allow it to continue.

To remove the hijacker, completely uninstall all Mainsearchadvise files using Windows Control Panel > Uninstall Program and then use Revo Uninstaller Pro. Exclude unwanted programs or services by turning them off rather than deleting them, as they could interfere with their functioning in some way later on.

Computer security companies can run a full system scan and even restore your PC to an earlier time before it had been infected if a browser hijacker has hijacked it.

How to Protect My Computer From Browser Hijacker Viruses

  • Install good antivirus software that will scan your computer for any malware trying to install itself and remove it
  • Keep your operating system up to date with the latest patches from Microsoft (If Windows) or Apple ( If MacOS)
  • Don't download or open any attachments from emails you weren't expecting. Make sure the sender is someone you know well and have been in contact with recently.
  • Pay attention to the source of any emails you do open. Be wary of any emails that are not coming from a company's provided email address.
  • Change your computer's basic password, especially if your machine is used for work or school.

If you use the browser hijacker virus on multiple devices, make sure to set up a consistent password for each and use different passwords for each device! Most browsers allow you to sign in with the same one or two passwords. This is because most people have the same login name and password combinations across all their devices, so when one is compromised, they all are.

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