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Book Review: Trump’s Turn: Winning the New Civil War by Ed Brodow

Brodow was 'pissed off' when people starting calling him a racist for not voting for Obama.

By David Stadille:

Talk about full coverage, I bought Trump’s Turn two weeks ago and haven’t been able to put it down. I’ve been following Ed Brodow’s contributions for several years now, and if you haven’t read one of his books, you really owe it to yourself, because they’re absolutely grounded in rigorous fact and they’re punchy in a unique way that makes them absolutely fascinating.

Brodow admits that he was apolitical until 2008, when people starting calling him a racist because he wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama. He says it “pissed him off” so much that it sparked his career as a political commentator. He became a Trump supporter when he realized that Trump is the only one capable of overturning Obama’s destructive legacy. Obama hates America, Brodow says, and for eight years he attempted to destroy our most cherished values: free speech, respect for the rights of the individual, meritocracy, due process and the rule of law, equality of opportunity, and the acceptance of personal responsibility. Trump believes in all of them.

Trump’s Turn is a compendium of penetrating political essays that make for an easy read because the chapters are short and organized in logical sequence. The book opens with the 2016 election landscape – the reality of it all – and all the forces in play. What an incredible time that was, and Brodow uses it to establish a framework for understanding today’s political climate. From there, he takes you on a journey, point-by-point, through every political hot topic leading up to the current moment. Identity politics, racial politics, sexual politics, leftist ideology, immigration, climate change, social justice, Islam, globalism … it’s all there, disassembled for your inspection.

He argues that man-made global warming is a hoax, that identity politics is dangerous, and that the Democrats are trying like hell to take away your individual rights. What he has to say about Islamic terrorism may shock you. It’s all very interesting, it happens fast, and it all sticks. But don’t think it’s all a breeze, it’s not. Brodow forces you to rethink all the fake news that the mainstream media have been shoving down your throat.

He makes a strong case that we are engaged in a civil war between conservatives and liberals, between capitalists and “democratic socialists,” and between Trump supporters and Never Trumpers. Conservatives, he says, believe in the Constitution, limited government, and the rule of law. Liberals, on the other hand, want to transform the U.S. into an authoritarian socialist nation run by unaccountable bureaucrats. This war of ideologies pits neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and wife against husband. “If this continues,” says TV commentator Glenn Beck, “there is not enough Valium on the planet to keep people calm.” Brodow doesn’t want you to keep calm. He wants you to be informed.

Trump’s Turn strikes right at the heart of the conflict: big government versus individual rights, the Deep State versus the Constitution, free speech versus political correctness. The two biggest threats facing America, Brodow says, are mass illegal immigration and the brainwashing of college students by liberal faculties. He cites Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, who remarked that a curtain of McCarthyism is descending over college campuses. “If these brainwashed kids vote for a Democratic president in 2024,” Brodow warns, “Trump will be the last Republican president and you and I can kiss our individual liberties goodbye.”

His writing is unique for a work about politics because Brodow backs up everything he says with evidence and common sense. You may disagree with some of his conclusions, but at least you know how he got there. Really, you should think of this book as a kind of field manual for the upcoming election and beyond. Ed primes you for what’s to come. Trump’s Turn will help you appreciate how the outcome of this civil war is going to determine the shape of our lives way into the future.

So far, Trump’s Turn is the best political book of 2020. Nobody out there covers this stuff with such clear and concise writing. Brodow interprets the issues with clarity and candor that are missing from the mainstream media. I’m going to carry my copy around with me for the next couple of years. You’d be well-advised to do the same.

David Stadille is an electrical engineer by trade and a conservative commentator by choice. He is an expert on China and has conducted major research on the Coronavirus.

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