Chris Salcedo: Big Government Must Die Because it's Killing Us

It bears pointing out that this crisis has revealed how incapable BIG government is of "saving us." China's totalitarian government couldn't save them from a loss of life in the thousands, and still growing. It could not prevent the massive economic destruction inflicted by Covid-19 on the fragile communist economy. In America, the measures that have been taken by President Trump have been geared at relieving the people of government's burden, so as to mitigate the impact and spread of the disease. After decades of taxes, our government was shown to be ill-equipped to handle testing, that many concede would have been a valuable tool in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. The president didn't institute new guidelines. They were in place for years! Where did all of our money go?

If big government worked, explain Obama’s lack of ability to address the Deep-Water Horizon oil spill. If our money, funding bloated and unaccountable government is the solution to all of our ills, explain how our vaunted leviathan contaminated a river in Colorado. If all we need do is to trust our leaders with all of our money, explain the “Green Energy Boondoggle,” foisted upon us by our benevolent overseers.

The government has been shown to be too big to be managed by the "lifers" who have made a career of government. Some of those "professional" politicians now blame a president who was responsible for none of these BIG GOVERNMENT regulations and who has only taken over this government three short years ago.

Now, store shelves lay empty. Americans are afraid. And a pandemic threatens to infect millions in this country. IT TOOK ONE WEEK FOR THIS VIRUS TO PROVIDE ALL AMERICANS WITH THIS REVELATION, "BIG, EXPENSIVE AND UNACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT CAN'T SAVE YOU." For those who say high taxes and government control is the answer, you have been proven wrong by Covid-19. And those of us who know that a government that govern's least, governs best, have been shown to be right. Government should empower the private sector to have more resources. Government should get out of the way and allow we the people to take care of our families, communities and country. President Trump showed the wisdom and power of such policies by getting the private sector, often maligned by the Socialist elements in our society, on to the front lines in making up for government's fumble on test kits. We should vote for individuals who who seek "facilitate freedom" rather than "push punishing pillaging," through ever-increasing taxation of the people's pocket book.

This government is too big and spends too much of our money. And when it all hits the fan, we're told, "now isn't the time to assign blame." Those voices could be right. Getting through the crisis is step one. But step two is most certainly a ruling by we the people that our government has grown to large to be given proper oversight by the 535 individuals we elect to do just that. Many of these life-long-leeches of government money, we call politicians, claim that they couldn't come close to overseeing every dollar of spending. Even if they spent 24/7, 365, it wouldn't be enough to provide the accountability that America needs and deserves. They are, again, correct. Given those truths there is on one course. It is then incumbent on REAL leaders to shrink down the size of government so it CAN BE MANAGED by our president and those who take a $174,000 a year paycheck, courtesy of the taxpayer to do the job of oversight.

The era of big government MUST come to an end. If not for this crisis, but for the next. As the Coronavirus has shown, our very lives depend on it.

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Chris Salcedo

Chris Salcedo, is a nationally recognized radio talk show host heard on WBAP is Dallas TX and KSEV in Houston TX. He is the author of the Ayn Rand style novel Liberty Rises, and the Executive Director of The Conservative Hispanic Society.

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