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Dan Perkins: COVID-19 Ambassadors Spread the Plague

The Chinese Communist Government was well aware that they had a BIG problem in Wuhan.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a commentary raising the question as to whether or not the Chinese Communist Party was a new terrorist group. I suggested this because I believe that government came to a fork in the road of integrity. It was at this fork the Chinese Communist leadership had to make a decision about the transparency of the COVID-19 virus danger. Standing at the intersection of this fork, I suggested the path to the left was a matter of full disclosure to the world about what had happened and the Chinese government assistance to work with world nations in every way possible to stop the potential pandemic.


The path to the right was the path of treachery, deceit, and misrepresentation to the entire world about the possibility of a pandemic. If the leadership of China took the wrong path at this fork, they signed the death warrants for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people all over the world. So far, everything we’ve been able to uncover indicates that the Chinese Communist Party chose to take the path to the right.


We know that 5 million people were allowed to leave the city of Wuhan before the government lock-down of that city on January 23. After the lock-down, no one could leave, all roads were blocked, and no trains or airplanes departed for destinations inside of China. It is interesting to note that the government made the decision not to allow planes to go to different parts of the country. China did allow international flights to leave Wuhan with no restrictions. The question that ultimately needs to be answered is where did these travelers go?


The Voice of America reported on a study conducted by the Associated Press that published, “The top 10 global destinations for travelers from high-risk Chinese cities around Lunar New Year.” According to their analysis, the predominant countries were Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia.


In Africa, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, and Kenya topped the list, as well as the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Before the lock-down, we know that Chinese nationals went to many other cities in China, but we have no way of knowing if any of those people actually left from those airports to other parts of the world. has done a study of the travel patterns of Chinese, leaving China and going all over the world. They reported that in 2018, the year before the pandemic, over 160 million people left China and scattered across the globe. Despite the Wuhan lock-down after the fact in January 2020, we have no reason to believe that the number of travelers in 2019 was less than the 160 million from the previous year,


The Chinese government knew that they had a problem in Wuhan, and that it was so dangerous they had to lock down the entire community with no one going in or out. But the 5 million people that were allowed to leave and go out of the country before the lock-down, as well as those that flew out internationally, unwittingly became the ambassadors of death for the Chinese government. 


The inability of the Chinese Communist Party leadership to tell the truth to the world may ultimately destroy that government as we know it today. One result is the Chinese middle class will see a significant decline in their wealth as nations encourage corporations to move their manufacturing out of China and bring it back to their home country. I believe that the United States will lead the way in bringing industry back to America, and the rest of the world will follow.


It’s important to understand that the Chinese middle class is larger by 80 million people than the entire population of the United States. According to, the middle class in China is approximately 400 million people. About 30% of the population of China is included in the middle class, and they have the highest amount to lose as the pandemic payback may well force them to rebel against the communist party leadership. 


The world will long remember the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps for generations, nations will use the pandemic to recapture the factories and jobs that the U.S. and other nations have lost to the Chinese. The repatriation of these businesses will be to the detriment of the Chinese economy and their middle class. This will be massive retribution for the decisions the Chinese Communist government made in its attack against the world.

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Dan Perkins

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