Dan Perkins: Democrats Have Become Just "Liars on the Left"

By Dan Perkins:

Seems like a strong charge, Dan! Readers, I want to ask you a question. If someone tells a lie about someone else and then apologizes after they get called out, but then says it again, and apologizes again, are they to be believed sincere with any of their apologies?

How many times have the Democrats made outlandish statements while attacking President Trump, only later saying they were sorry when what they said was proven false? Here is an example of another lie from the "Liars on the Left." Several times this year Congresswoman Omar has attacked the Jews and the Jewish state, only later to "Apologize" for her comments. How many times can she attack and then apologize and be believable? In her first 5 months in office, she has done this at least three times.

Politicians are not the only people using the tactic of telling a lie and then apologizing. Recently, the Hollywood activist, Bette Midler, tweeted that President Trump hired black men to stand behind him at a rally. The truth is that she had no proof of this. Anyway, it would have been almost impossible to believe that any black man would stand with the President under those circumstances. She ignored that candidate Trump garnered 13% of the black vote in 2016. Celebrities or politicians don’t have to tell the truth, because if they did, then the mainstream news media would not give them the time of day. For the longest time, the vast majority of Americans have just brushed off these slurs, bigotry and condescending remarks as just inane and without credibility. If this tactic were not working, though, they would have abandoned the practice long ago, but it has worked. Because of this, the Democratic continue without consequences. The Congress actually tried to censure Omar with a resolution, but it was finally watered down and did nothing to curtail her activities.

The tactic of the Left is to attack with an outrageous statement and then wait and see if those being attacked respond. If the response is anger at what the “Liars” said, then they offer a token apology; however, the time between the charge and the apology is sufficient that the power of the lie is stronger in people’s minds than the tepid apology. In the case of Omar, she has attacked the Jewish state and the Jewish people several times this year, and apologized, only to do it all over again. Congress empowered her because it did not punish her for her outrageous behavior. Every time the "Liars on the Left" get away with an outrageous claim with no consequences, they continue to attack even more with false statements or sheer bigotry.

As another example, look at all the outlandish claims that the Democratic were making about the outcome of the Mueller report, particularly all the things that President Trump was supposed to have done, but were never proven. When all the false claims by the Democratic "Liars " proved not to be true, how many of the them apologized to the president or the American people?

Again, the Left told us what Bob Mueller was going to give them in order to convict the president after he testified before the two committees. He gave them nothing, and the "Liars on the Left" failed to prove their point. Because they have been unable to prove their lies, they now have fallen back on a new the demand: they want all grand jury testimony to be released.

Perkins Twist: do you think we can trust the "Liars on the Left" to honor the confidentiality of the 500 people who were called to testify to Mueller’s team? The “Liars” have no moral compass and will do anything they can do to get rid of President Trump, including destroying the reputations of 500 people. To them this is a small price to pay for the Left to achieve their goals. I have no doubt that this question will wind up in the Supreme Court, who will decide if these people who thought they were protected confidentiality laws can be exposed and potentially destroyed. Ask yourself this question: if the "Liars on the Left" came after you, what would you do to protect yourself?

Dan Perkins is an author of seven books with four of them on Islamic terrorism against the United States. He writes current events commentary for over 20 different blogs including, Clash Daily, Newsmax, The Hill, the Daily Caller, Reactionary Times, and the oldest blog on the web, Conservative Truth. He appears on over 1,400 radio and TV stations a month as both talk show host and guest commentator. In October, Dan will be hosting the first national radio show on Cannabis called “American Cannabis Conversation” on w420Radio.network. His website is danperkins.guru.

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