Dan Perkins: Joe. Where is the Rest of the Money?

NPR reported that President Biden says that the following is being spent in his $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 stimulus package.

  • $160 Billion on a national vaccine program, which includes $20 billion for distribution and $50 billion for expanded testing.
  • $170 Billion for K-12 schools and higher education that provides for $130 billion for schools to safely reopen
  • $350 Billion in emergency funding for state and local governments.
  • $441 Billion for $1,400 in stimulus

The total amount identified in these four items is $1,121 trillion, so my question is, where is the remaining almost $800 billion going?

Let's look at how much money will go for the vaccine out of the $1.9 Trillion. Biden says that he wants to spend $160 billion on a national vaccine package. The bill includes $20 billion for distribution and $50 billion for testing; that's $70 billion out of the $160 billion. According to Healthline, the cost for the two doses is $40. President Biden wants to buy 300 million courses of the vaccine. Then at $40 total for two doses, the cost $12 billion based on the number of $90 billion left over, and if we spend $12 billion on the vaccine, we have $78 billion unaccounted for in this one item.

Here are to bottom lines so far, I have been unable to account for almost 900 billion dollars. We are projecting to spend $12 billion on vaccines. This COVID-19 relief bill is spending .0063% on the actual medicine. We are spending almost 30 times what we are spending on the state and local bailout alone than we are spending on the vaccine. If we add in the $20 billion for the vaccine delivery and the shot delivers, that takes the total to $32 Billion.

I want to ask you to look at the numbers and see where we are spending the money. I have not been able to find close to $1 trillion, and I would like to know what President Biden plans to do with the rest of the money? Next, I did a different search. I asked Google if there any pork in the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill; here is what I found:

That being said, here's where some of the $1.9 Trillion is going:

Egypt: $1,300,000,000

Sudan: $700,000,000

Ukraine: $453,000,000

Israel: $500,000,000

Nepal: $130,000,000

Burma: $135,000,000

Asia R.I.A: $1,400,000,000

I wonder how much more pork is in the bill. I tried at both the House and Senate to get copies of the bill, I have not been successful, but I will keep trying. If this new stimulus bill passes, we will have added almost $6 trillion in funding. I'm looking into this question: If Congress has already approved the spending of $4.9 trillion, how much has been spent?

Shouldn't we find out if we spend all the money approved by Congress and signed into law by the President before we pass more relief? According to the committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, we have about half of the $3.6 trillion approved un-spent. If this is true, then the unspent money is almost equal to the amount of money proposed by President Biden in his new bill.

Let me finish and suggest that the pork in the bill is one reason why it's so hard to spend because people have been asking what all the trillions are for? If it costs $12 billion to buy the vaccine, $20 billion to distribute, do we really need an additional $1.85 trillion?

Let me close by talking about the $2,000 payment impact on a poverty level for a family of 4. The income at the poverty level is $26,200. The monthly income is $2,183 per month, so the government's $2,000 check doesn't cover the income needed to cover expenses for the month. President Biden is now proposing a $1,400 check to cover some of the lost income, but far from covering household expenses for one month for people at the poverty level. The question is, Mr. President, how big with the next stimulus check have to be and next and then the next? We need to put people back to work and restore our economy so the people can take care of themselves.

People want paychecks, not government checks, and by looking at the new bill, the Democrats want you to depend on a government check.

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Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins is the host and producer for America’s Cannabis Conversation, heard weekly on w420radionetwork.com. He is the author of 7 books, 4 of which are on Islamic terrorism against the United States. His books can be purchased at Amazon.com. Dan is a current events commentator and writes periodically for over 20 different news blogs. He appears regularly on over 1,400 radio and TV shows across the nation. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit veterans’ service organization called Songs and Stories for Soldiers. Dan’s website is danperkins.guru.

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