Dan Perkins: What is Biden not telling us about the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine and perhaps others?

One of the still unanswered questions is how long the vaccine is effective?

Let me start by asking a question, what percent is six of 6.5 million? Yes, it's a question that is important because it will help you establish a degree of magnitude. Put down your calculator for the answer is .000000009230%. Now let's move to the next step. If you were running a business and had a company that produced products and had a failure rate with the percentage above, would you shut down your business until you could lower the rate?

I took you through the exercise because I need you to understand why I'm concerned about the reporting on COVID-19. I believe we're not getting all the information on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and perhaps others. Last week the FDA and the CDC suspended the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine based on reports that six people developed blood clots. The federal government is telling us based on the six complaints, or so they say, they shut down the entire Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine business until they can figure out how big the problem really is, or in other words, do we have a safety issue? Let me share with you a puzzlement. On February 14, 2021, Pfizer and Moderna reported 36 cases of blood clot issues, and the FDA didn't shut them down. Why?

I think it is essential to look at the percentage of people who survive a case of COVID-19.

Age 0-19 — 99.997%.

Age 20-49 — 99.98%.

Age 50-69 — 99.5%.

Age 70+ — 94.6%

What is significant about these numbers?  Between the ages 0 to 69, you have less than a 1% chance of dying from COVID-19. Once you cross age 69, your chances of survival are 9.5 out of 10. Keep in mind as of this writing, 13% of the population have been fully vaccinated. Have we overstated the impact of the virus? Look at all of the age brackets, and you will see that before the vaccine shot, you had an excellent chance of surviving Covid-19 if you got it.

If you agree with me, you have to wonder, as I do, that it doesn't make sense for the government to shut down this product on six Johnson and Johnson claims and ignore the claims of 36,from Pfizer and Moderna two months before. More importantly, since the shutdown is based on six people with blood clots, I also wonder what does Joe Biden know and why hasn't he told us about the risk of this vaccine

The FDA oversight committee met this week and decided that they didn't have enough information, and they will postpone their next meeting until at least Friday, April 23rd. It is possible that, if the committee doesn't come up with an answer by the 23rd, then millions of doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will have to be destroyed because it must be kept at -2°F, and if it is held at that temperature, it can only be stored for two weeks. Also, the the nationwide vaccination program will slow down.

I believe that President Biden knew about the problem and has yet to say anything to the American people. He had to have some consultation with the head of CDC and FDA before they ordered the suspension. I believe that there is a great deal more that we have not been told. There are two underlying questions millions, if not billions, of people are asking. Are the vaccines safe and effective?

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) official Kwon Jun-Wook reported on an online survey of 965 recovered COVID-19 patients, 879 people or 91.1% responded they were suffering at least one side-effect from the disease. Fatigue was the most common side-effect with 26.2% reporting, followed by difficulty concentrating, which had 24.6%, Kwon said.

Other after-effects included psychological or mental side-effects and loss of taste or smell. After one dose of the Moderna's shot, 57% of people younger than 65 developed side effects, compared with 48% of those older than 65. After the second dose, nearly 82% of people in the younger group developed side effects while 72% of older adults developed side effects.

One of the still unanswered questions is how long the vaccine is effective? We found the answer to the question not from the president of the United States but rather from the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla,  this week who saidn that people, will "likely" need to get a third dose of Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine in the next 12 months, for a boost of protection against the virus. "A likely scenario is, there will be likely a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there would be annual revaccination. That leads me to another question. How many shots will we need?

According to NPR, the PBS News Hour/NPR/Marist recent poll indicated that the study which surveyed 1,227 U.S. adults from March 3 to March 8, found that approximately 30 percent of Americans overall said they do not plan on getting vaccinated. Dr. Fauci wants up to 90% of the population to get vaccinated to get to herd immunity. Here again, I have a problem with the numbers. If only 70% are willing to take the shots, then it may well be impossible to ever get to Dr. Fauci's target.

One last thing is on my mind. Somebody needs to ask the question, what might happen to our immune system with all of these shots? If we overload our bodies with vaccines, could we see more and more severe side effects? If more information comes out about other problems with the vaccines on the market, the greater the number of people will come back to America's fundamental questions, are the vaccines safe and effective?

I'm concerned. That is what is on my mind.

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Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins is the host and producer for America’s Cannabis Conversation, heard weekly on w420radionetwork.com. He is the author of 7 books, 4 of which are on Islamic terrorism against the United States. His books can be purchased at Amazon.com. Dan is a current events commentator and writes periodically for over 20 different news blogs. He appears regularly on over 1,400 radio and TV shows across the nation. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit veterans’ service organization called Songs and Stories for Soldiers. Dan’s website is danperkins.guru.

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