Dan Wos: New York Democrats Make School Kids More Vulnerable to Attacks

By Dan Wos:

In what appears to be a defiant act against President Trump’s support for the NRA’s proposal to arm teachers, New York Governor Cuomo, just signed a bill into law that will make school children vulnerable to violence across the state of New York.

In 1990, Joe Biden introduced A bill called the Gun Free School Zones Act. It was signed into law and made it illegal for law-abiding gun owners to have their firearms on school campuses; ultimately making it easier for killers to do their dirty work, but the law left in a provision that would give the schools the ability to designate specific people to carry guns to protect the children, should they choose. This means, the schools could decide if they wanted some of their staff, including teachers, to be trained and armed. Governor Cuomo just took that ability away, making it more likely that our kids will be left unprotected.

Since the Gun Free School Zones Act became law we have seen an increase in school killings. There are more school killings because there are much less defensive measures in place. This is in part because some of our political leaders have made it their mission to demonize guns for political purposes even though we know that guns are used 2 1/2 million times per year in America to save lives. That doesn’t necessarily mean good guys killing bad guys; that most often means the mere presence of a gun will deter a killer. Gun Free Zones eliminate that possibility.

Many schools have decided that the Gun Free School Zones Act has been a dismal failure and a danger to our kids after watching the number of deaths that occur in these areas and the number of killers these zones attract. Due to the high cost of hired security, some schools have decided to create training programs for teachers and staff who want to be part of the solution to stopping the terrible human-violence we have in our society.

If a child, facing a killer in a classroom, could have the choice of their teacher being armed or helpless, which do you think they would choose?

You may be wondering why in a time like this, Democratic law makers in New York would make it even more difficult for our kids to be protected, especially when we know that Killers choose Gun Free Zones 98% of the time.

Mass murderers seek out Gun Free Zones because they know there will be no opposition.

More than eight states including Florida are creating training programs specifically designed to address the failed Gun Free School Zones Act because they see how dangerous it has been. Governor Cuomo’s new law makes sure that New York does not have that option.

How does it make any sense to bus hundreds of children into buildings across the Country, keep them there for eight hours a day, remove all forms of defense and post signs stating that everyone inside is unarmed and defenseless? Well, New York Democrats have gone one step further. They have made it law in New York that those teachers and children never have the option of self-defense while in school. New York law-makers have put in place an iron clad barrier preventing school staff from being able to protect themselves and our kids. We don’t believe that our elected officials want children to get killed, but we recognize that their politics are clouding their better judgment.

Governor Cuomo, if one child gets hurt because New York Democrats want to play politics, that responsibility lies with you.

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