Dan Wos: Poisoned Menu Served at the Political Popular Table

Americans are being served a made for TV movie where Patriots have gone mad and President Trump is inciting violence. The exact opposite is true. Patriots are able to see the corruption in politics with acute clarity and President Trump has been devoted to preserving American freedom. The interesting thing is the leverage that is used to keep people supporting the fabricated media narrative.

The leverage used against anyone who speaks out against the current narrative, is overwhelming. Media outlets understand better than anyone how to manipulate people. They understand the weaknesses of human beings and they capitalize on those weaknesses by appealing to our inherent sense of fear.

Remember the popular table in middle school? The popular table was created to prey on the vulnerabilities of those who could not stand on their own. Many, who sought the confidence they could not find in themselves, would dream of a seat at the popular table. The popular table gave people reassurance and a false sense of security in believing their views were “right.” The problem with the popular table is you had to eat from the menu served. In other words, if you went against the views of those at the popular table, you would be shunned, ridiculed and often socially destroyed.

Occasionally there would be a lone eighth grader who would walk by the popular table with his middle finger in the air reminding everyone that he wasn’t buying what they were selling. This didn’t matter to the popular table occupants because as long as they appeared to represent the majority-view, the false sense of reality felt good to them. They believed they were winning and (in their world) they were. They believed they were righteous because perception was “their truth.”

Our beliefs, self-esteem and morality will determine whether we seek a seat at the popular table or walk proud in opposition. Media and big tech are able to control the narrative and prevent people from speaking out against it, because many are afraid of being seen as the minority. This includes the media pundits you’ve always trusted and the politicians you put your faith in.

The popular table effect is playing out in American politics as we speak. If you try to tell someone that the current narrative is false and Patriots have been set up, you will be laughed out of town. The truth is, it's all been a set up from the moment President Trump ran for office.

There are two worlds right now. The fantasy world where you must live by the current narrative given; “Trump and his supporters are NAZIs!” Or, reality. Media is in a mad rush to set the standard and create the narrative. They need this done quickly because the longer people are able to evaluate the last 4 years of Democrat corruption, the harder it will be to sell seats at the popular table. They are also concerned with the inevitable rising up of real Americans and want to have leverage when it occurs.

I don’t know about you, but I was never offered a seat at the popular table. My guess is that you weren’t either. This may be why you recognize what’s happening in our country and can’t bring yourself to conform and comply. This may be why you can’t pretend that the narrative being played out is true. You’re not alone. You’re not in the minority, however, the narrative is specifically created to appear that way. This is how a small number of people are able to control the masses.

Patriots across America are wondering how the narrative can be so false and why it seems so many people are gravitating toward it. The media, big tech, and bureaucrats are hosting the popular table and creating the poisoned menu. If you are uncomfortable, it’s probably because you recognize the narrative gaining traction, you fear the results and you’re not sure what to do but you still can’t bring yourself to take a seat at the popular table and eat from their poisoned menu.

Everything changes when we walk away from the popular table with our middle finger in the air. Freedom and American greatness were infused into our psyche when our Country was founded. It’s what makes us different from all other Countries. If you’ve never had freedom, you don’t know what you are missing, but when it’s taken from you, you will fight Hell to keep it. That’s what scares them the most.

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