Dan Wos: The Dark Thoughts of a Radical Left-Wing Professor

Occasionally we come across an academic who pushes radicalism to new lows.

I want to introduce you to Loretta Ross, A women’s and gender studies professor from Massachusetts’ Smith College who teaches the course “White Supremacy, Human Rights and Calling In the Calling Out Culture.” Loretta thinks she has Republicans figured out, but the hatred she sees in others may actually be coming from within her own seething soul.

Sigmund Freud taught us that “Projection,” refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don't like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.

In Ross’ article, “The Nazification of the Republican Party,” she projects her own thoughts and hopes to see others punished, when she attacks Republicans as morally bankrupt, accusing them of bringing democracy to the brink of extinction and calls for them to be “treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II.”

Many agree that Hitler’s strategies of controlling the media and preventing free speech, are very similar to the left-wing cancel-culture, big-tech’s social-media shut down tactics and Google’s hand-picked search results. Hitler’s mandatory reading of Mein Kampf looks a lot like our modern-day Mainstream Media’s coordinated narratives that favor the Democrat Party. It’s obvious to most that an effort to indoctrinate anyone who can’t think for themselves plays out heavily in left-wing media, but would we have ever thought our kids would taught to hate others by the use of such strategies?

In her article, Ross claims to know these things about others because she teaches a course on White Supremacy and “after more than 30 years of organizing and teaching about fascism as a Black feminist activist and academic, she knows the destructive influence of these noxious ideas.”

It does look like she is quite intimate with the noxious ideas of fascism but maybe those ideas are not so much the thoughts of others, as they are those of Loretta’s. Hopefully some of her students will recognize the dangers of Ross’ indoctrination strategies and see just how vested she is in perpetuating her ideas after 30 years of teaching them to others.

In Loretta’s lovely article she goes on to attack anyone sympathetic or supportive of President Trump and claims that they “attempted to deny the peaceful transfer of power.” “These so-called ‘respectable’ leaders coddled and stoked a white supremacist insurrection by Trump for the past four years.”

Sorry Loretta, Americans just want a fair election and when there is suspicion of voter fraud, some people would like it looked at. The idea is to avoid one party from stealing an election with coordinated media efforts, ballot harvesting, unverified mail-in ballots, fake signatures and unsupervised midnight vote-counting…. just sayin.’

“If Republicans can’t permanently dominate this country with a demographically shrinking number of angry white people, they proved they are ready to blow it up, figuratively and literally.”

Really Loretta? They’re the angry ones who want to blow things up? Did you see the 2020 summer-long, left-wing riots across America, where BLM and ANTIFA destroyed cities, looted businesses, burned people out of their homes and blew up cop cars while Democrat Mayors and Governors did nothing? There was however, one guy who offered to stop the violent anarchy by sending in the National Guard, but Democrats refused his efforts. That guy was Trump. Shhh. Don’t tell your students that part. It’ll ruin the fantasy you’ve been creating for them.

Loretta went on to claim that “Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party” and “the term ‘Nazi is not even strong enough to convey the opprobrium and disgust human rights activists feel.”

Who are the angry ones again?

Her insanity continued when she said, “I’m calling them American Nazis, who adapted the playbook of the Third Reich.” “They are unable to accept the complexity of a multi-cultural and multi-racial globalized world, so they stew in their resentments.”

Looks like you’re the only one “stewing” Loretta.

“We should call them all American Nazis and prevent them from hiding behind mealy-mouthed words because they’ve shown us who they are.”

No Loretta. You have shown us who you are.

Hitler’s reign of terror was the most destructive, punishing and vindictive violence ever perpetrated on humanity, but the idea that Loretta Ross harbors those same hateful thoughts while projecting them onto others and filling her students minds with the same vile, loathsome ideas, is a much scarier thought to me. The anger and hatred that comes from these misguided people is cultivated through a concerted effort between the Democrat party and the left-wing media echo-chamber. This is the modern-day version of the very same brainwashing Hitler inflicted on his followers. While Loretta Ross attempts to point out the hatred of others she is giving us a look into the dark mind of the American Leftist.

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