Dan Wos: The Left Wants Control But They Can’t Get The Guns

By Dan Wos:

The right to keep and bear was written into The Bill of Rights as Amendment #2, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try to violate it. Unfortunately, our fight is against fellow Americans who think they know what is best for everyone. Their fear of what they don’t understand and their lust for government control sends them down a destructive ideological path, which trades individual freedom for passive obedience.

Freedom is embraced by people with a rugged individualism fueled by the desire for growth, prosperity and the will to live life as they see fit. Along with this way of life, comes a strong sense of personal responsibility. When these people make a mistake, they take full responsibility for their failures. When these people succeed, they expect to reap the rewards of their success. These people understand that government was put into place to serve the needs of “the people.” Let’s call these people, Conservatives.

Socialism is embraced by people with a “group-think” mindset fueled by the desire for a structured, government-controlled society. This is the preferred model of people who want to “feel” safe in a world that they may not understand or have the courage to endure. This ideology seems to bring with it, a lack of personal responsibility. “It’s always someone else’s fault.” This is the mindset of people who can trip over their own feet while walking down the sidewalk and find a way to justify suing the business that happens to be there. This is a mindset that embraces “victimhood” and would vote for the politician that promises handouts and college loan forgiveness, even while watching others work hard to pay their own way. These are people who believe it is ok to take from those who earn and give it to those who don’t, under the guise of compassion. Let’s call these people Progressives.

The political Left in America has flirted with the idea of socialism for decades but never admitted it in public, until recently. Some Democrats have jumped on the opportunity to sell the idea of socialism to anyone who might qualify themselves as a “victim” or “entitled.” Not all Democrats are ready to admit their true desires just yet, but a small group of radicals can’t seem to hold back. The old school Democrats know better than to publicly announce their agenda now because they are not ready to seize the moment effectively. The young, foolish radicals are taking a defiant position against their old-school fellow party members as they scream their mission from the mountaintop.

This is a problem for the Democratic party because they know that they must have a few key elements in place before implementing socialism in America.

1. They need more voters.

This is why Democrats abandoned the white, middle class, blue-collar voter and decided to pander to every minority group possible. They have done the math and have figured out that the white, middle-class, Republican/Conservative voter can eventually be out-voted. The formula is simple; befriend all minority groups, and create some if needed, while demonizing white people; but they need an open border to accomplish this. This is also why their position on the border changed so dramatically, overnight. Their motto would be, “we gave you all the benefits of citizenship, now you vote for us,” with the implication that they can always be sent back if they don’t stay loyal. Democrats don’t necessarily want to convert illegals into citizens because they could start voting Republican once they see the truth. They do however, want illegals to have driver’s licenses and voting rights as long as they identify as “Democrats.” They desperately need the votes and President Trump knows it. The “Wall” is primarily for the purpose of denying Democrats the ability to turn illegal aliens into Democrat voters and preserving American freedom for future generations.

They didn’t expect Trump to come along and build a wall.

2. They need dependent citizens.

Democrats have been desperately denying the success of Trump’s economy, while pushing the “doom and gloom” of college debt and the fake-narrative of “big corporations making the ‘little guy’ poor.” Many have lived through college debt, but those who have been conditioned to see themselves as “victims of corporate oppression,” don’t believe they should be required to pay it back. This “entitlement” and “victimhood” breeds dependency. It is very important to Democrats that they keep as many people on the government dole as possible. The Democrat message is, “If you vote for those mean old Republicans, they will make you pay your own way. We will give you everything for free, just vote for us and support our tax increases.”

The economy was supposed to continue it’s Obama-era decline, but Trump fixed it.

3. They need the guns.

The big reason there is such a divide within the Democratic party right now is because the radical “Squad,” consisting of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib have revealed the Democrat’s true colors too soon. Some would argue that the “new push for gun-control” began in 1994 with the “assault weapons ban” and was intended to work hand-in-hand with the eventual push for socialism. The problem is, they were supposed to wait before actually attacking their fellow Americans with socialism, which is why there is now such a mad rush for “assault-rifle” bans, red flag laws, universal background checks, ammo restrictions and countless other 2nd Amendment violations. Nancy Pelosi and the old-school Democrats are not happy with the young new radicals because they are screwing up the plan.

They were supposed to get the guns first.

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