Dan Wos: The Left’s Attempt to Suppress the 2nd Amendment

If the Anti-2nd Amendment crowd can’t earn merit-based policy support, they will create fear-based support.

By Dan Wos:

Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals in congress want to ban suppressors. Why? Well, they’d like you to believe that suppressors encourage murderers to go on killing sprees because somehow their guns will magically become silent. They actually try calling them “silencers,” hoping the term will catch on so they can fool the people who aren’t paying attention. Those anti-gun folks who don’t know any better, but know that they fear guns, will fall for anything if they are politically motivated or scared enough.

The truth is, criminals don’t use suppressors because they’re heavy, they make firearms much harder to hide and they don’t quiet a gun nearly enough to justify their use in a crime, but that doesn’t stop the anti-gun crowd from pushing the fake narrative about suppressors. Try telling an Anti-Gunner that suppressors are never used in mass killings and they will rebut with the one case in which a suppressor was found. They are trained to have the Virginia Beach killing ready-to-go, because it is the only one they know of where a suppressor was found at the scene. Hardly justification to ban the item, but remember, Anti-Gunners don’t care about saving lives as much as they want to suppress YOU and they will take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

The anti-gun crowd will act as though, had it not been for the suppressor, the killing would not have occurred. They will push the narrative that, if suppressors are banned, lives will be saved. I would argue that suppressors save lives, because if one’s hearing is damaged, they may be a risk when driving or engaging in other activities that require acute auditory capability.

So what do suppressors do? They help protect the hearing of gun-owners, they reduce noise pollution (often important when hunting) and they can make firearms training more comfortable. Anti-Gunners don’t care about your hearing, they hate the idea of hunting and they don’t want you to be more proficient with your firearms, so none of these things matter to them.

Take an AR-15 for example, (one of the most commonly owned rifles in America.) Unsuppressed, the AR-15 produces about 165 decibels. A suppressed AR-15 will produce about 132 decibels. That’s just below the CDC occupational hazard limit of 140 decibels but still louder than a Ted Nugent concert. A suppressed rifle is also louder than a siren and thunder, which both come in around 120 decibels.

So why do the dishonest Gun-Grabbers lie to you? Well, they’re not trying to fool gun-owners because we won’t buy their nonsense for a minute. They want to fool those who don’t know any better. Gun Grabbers want to scare people into supporting their policies that further restrict the rights of their own fellow citizens. What better way to push laws through, than to scare people and make

them believe that killers are out there, roaming through neighborhoods, massacring people with suppressors and no one can even hear it happening?

Many Anti-Gunners are waking up to the lies of the anti-gun left. They are starting to realize that they’ve been fooled by the politicians they once trusted. Some are beginning to understand that if their political-puppet-masters will mislead them on this topic, it is quite possible that they have been and will be misled on many others. But this doesn’t stop the Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals and their lobbying groups from constantly attacking the right to keep and bear. So although they hope to disarm law-abiding citizens, by implementing laws that violate your rights, they forget, that just like our guns, real Americans won’t be silenced.

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and spokesperson, he is author of Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical & Good Gun Bad Guy 2: Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative.    

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